CFS establishes North American division

Camlin Fine Sciences supplies antioxidants for food, pet food and animal feed industries

Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS) has been a trusted name in the antioxidant industry for more than 25 years, and continues that legacy with the opening of a North American division in Urbandale, Iowa. CFS is a global leader in the traditional antioxidant market and the world’s largest integrated manufacturer of the antioxidants TBHQ and BHA.

The Camlin expansion is accompanied by the addition of custom liquid and dry blended antioxidant formulas to its straight antioxidant product line. CFS offers an experienced team with industry and market knowledge, and through vertical integration gives control back to the customer by offering tailor-made solutions for the food, pet food and animal feed industries.

“We are thrilled to bring Camlin to the United States in order to better serve food, pet food and animal feed producers in the North American marketplace,” says Jorgen Sorensen, global vice president – antioxidants. “Simply put, the addition of custom liquid and dry blended antioxidants to our product portfolio will allow our customers to have more control over the products they want.”

The custom liquid and dry blended antioxidant formulas Camlin brings to North America include the Xtendra and NaSure brand shelf life solutions. Xtendra is a traditional antioxidant solution, combining ingredients that have long been proven to protect the oxidative stability of the final product. Blends of BHA, TBHQ, ascorbyl palmitate (ASP) and other traditional antioxidants remain effective even in low concentrations and do not contribute any color, odor or flavor to food. NaSure is an alternative plant-based antioxidant for natural shelf life extension. Rosemary extract, green tea and mixed tocopherols are some of the natural ingredients with high antioxidant activity to ensure food stays fresher longer.

“We’re excited to launch our Xtendra brand traditional and NaSure brand natural shelf life solutions to the North American market,” says Jennifer Igou – vice president of sales for the North America division. “I feel the transparency we can bring to the antioxidant market will be refreshing for our customers.”