Biorigin welcomes Rodrigo Gardinal

He is a technical specialist for the company's animal nutrition segment

Biorigin has appointed Rodrigo Gardinal as a technical specialist in animal nutrition.

Gardinal graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of São Paulo, with M.Sc. and Ph.D, degrees by the same institution. He has worked as a technical supervisor in animal nutrition companies, with a focus in ruminants.

At Biorigin, he will work as a technical specialist in livestock, focusing on ruminants. His primary responsibilities are for providing technical support to the sales and technical marketing teams, for the R&D interface, and for the relations with universities and research institutions.

By hiring Gardinal, Biorigin brings further expertise to its technical sector, segmenting the animal nutrition team between “Livestock” and “Aquaculture & Pet food." The addition reinforces the company's strategy of creating value by the differentiation of technical services and support to meet specific needs customers and partners. 

“Hiring Gardinal is another step towards the realization of our strategic positioning. We are confident that his presence will allow us to strengthen our position in the ruminant, poultry and pig industries by further developing innovative solutions, proposing new application protocols for our products, and generating increasingly specialized information to the market,” said Roberto Vituzzo, Global Business Manager.