Bioiberica, Barentz extend product distribution in Europe

Strategic agreement between the companies expands on their internationalization strategy

Bioiberica Animal Nutrition has reached a strategic agreement with Barentz for the exclusive distribution of its Palbio and Nucleoforce animal nutrition lines in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Great Britain and Ireland.

Palbio is a safe source of high-quality hydrolysed proteins in the form of L-α-amino acids and bioactive peptides, which positively affects the intestinal health of young animals and ensures constant productive improvement on pig, poultry and fish farms.

Nucleoforce is a balanced concentrate of free nucleotides and active precursors, obtained from yeast extracts. The product has been designed to precisely and specifically meet the needs of production animals, providing the nutrients necessary for the proper development of their immune and digestive systems. Different studies show that it helps strengthen the immune and digestive systems in young animals during the rapid maturation phases of their immune and intestinal systems.

“We have been collaborating with Barentz for years and this new agreement is key for our internationalization strategy. We are convinced that it will be fruitful for both companies,” said Xavier Córdoba, director of Bioiberica Animal Nutrition.

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with Bioiberica. It is great to add their products to our specialty protein range. Their sustainable footprint combined with their quality and high digestibility is very much complementary to our portfolio as a protein specialist. This addition is a perfect fit with our growth strategy on specialty, sustainable ingredients and additives for animal nutrition,” said Tim Lemeer, vice president of Barentz Animal Nutrition.