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Swine nutrition companies unite to support producers

Nutrition Athena Inc., which is a division of Groupe Cérès Inc., and Nutrition Partners Inc. have united under a new integrated ownership model.

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Nutrition Athena and Nutrition Partners announce integrated ownership, resources

Bringing together enhanced resources to support swine producers across Canada and into the U.S. is the focus of a new partnership between two innovation-focused nutrition companies.

Nutrition Athena Inc., which is a division of Groupe Cérès Inc., and Nutrition Partners Inc. have united under a new integrated ownership model. The enhanced structure is designed to optimize value and services for customers of both companies, including via a strong emphasis on swine nutrition expertise, resources and strategies.

“We are very pleased to formally bring together Nutrition Partners with Nutrition Athena,” said Darryl Lewis, president of Nutrition Partners. “Our goal has always been to work with the best people. With this partnership, we have added an incredible team to support our customers.”

Synergy drives opportunities

The swine nutrition team under the new structure features strong depth and experience, he notes, combining the Nutrition Partners swine nutrition group led by Jan Geurts with the Groupe Cérès/Nutrition Athena swine nutrition team led by Dan Bussières.

“Nutrition is rapidly becoming even more important to the advancement of swine production,” said Lewis. “This new united structure leaves us uniquely positioned to help our customers fully capture the potential of the new era now taking shape, with sound science-backed approaches that fit the needs and potential of each farm.”

Serving broad customer base

Groupe Cérès, headquartered in Lévis, Quebec, Canada, and its affiliates develop and monitor nutrition programs influencing the feeding of more than 4.5 million pigs annually, including serving as the lead swine nutrition partners of HyLife – one of the world’s leading integrated pork production companies.

Nutrition Athena, a division of Groupe Cérès based in Saint-Nicolas, Quebec, Canada, offers complete feeds, micro and macro premixes, as well as all the ingredients and other feed additives necessary for the manufacture of feed for pigs. Its experienced team supports producers by developing feed and nutrition programs tailored to their needs, always paying attention to the financial aspect.

Nutrition Partners, headquartered in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada, with additional offices in Manitoba and Quebec, specializes in collaborative approaches that support the success of livestock operations through custom programs and services tailored to individual needs, across swine, poultry and dairy.

Advantages from east to west

The new arrangement ensures that Hylife, through its relationship with Groupe Ceres/Nutrition Athena, remains a partner in Nutrition Partners including providing support via people and research.

“The time has come for our group to expand our activities and reach the swine industry across Canada,” said Dan Bussières, swine nutritionist and co-founder of Groupe Cérès and its Nutrition Athena division, along with partner Janin Boucher. “With this new venture we are ready to aggressively move into a new era of support and service for our customers. The new united company creates unique advantages and synergies from east to west. We can’t wait to get started.”

“With the pandemic, we all recognize more than ever the importance of a reliable food supply and innovation on all fronts to truly maximize our production,” Bussières said. “We are inspired by pork producers on the front lines who are leading the way in embracing proactive approaches at this important time.”

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