Baja Agro receives Mexico’s National Exportation Award

The prestigious honor recognizes leading companies of foreign trade and commerce in the country

Baja Agro International has received Mexico’s 2016 National Exportation Award in the category of Small and Medium-sized Agricultural and Livestock Exporters.

Enrique Peña, President of the Republic of Mexico, presented the award, which honors the effort, tenacity, talent, innovation and leadership of those companies, institutions and organizations that operate in Mexico’s foreign trade and commerce. The awardees have diversified their sales by positioning export offerings to promote the country’s economic growth; by being a major generator of foreign exchange; and by adding more and better jobs.

A company spokesman says possible factors contributing to the award were certifications that identify Baja Agro’s products as organic in addition to certifications of Quality and Safety such as HACCP, ISO 22000:2005, GMP +B2, GMP+ B3 and Kosher.

“This milestone achievement stimulates us to continue our growth and commitment to our customers by providing safe, organic Yucca schidigera-based products,” the spokesman adds.