AB Vista presents phytase superdosing strategies

The company's recommendations can help producers maximize mineral release

The latest advances in phytase, to be showcased by AB Vista at EuroTier 2016, could play a key role in transforming feed and nutrition strategies, a topic currently in the spotlight following recent European proposals on reducing feed mineral content.

Juan Ignacio Fernández, AB Vista Sales Director for West & South Europe, explains: “The proposed new limits signal that environmental concerns remain a priority in the EU and other markets. If these proposals are implemented, the industry must find a way to maintain efficient and high-quality animal production.

“It is clear that we need to examine our feed and nutrition strategies to ensure we can address environmental concerns and meet the needs of the production chain.”

AB Vista is driving the discussion on nutrition strategies, focusing on the value chain of phytate destruction.

“The destruction of phytate through phytase superdosing could play an important role in European diets where producers are looking to comply with new legislation, while maintaining production efficiencies,” says Fernández.

Phytate is present in all plant-derived feedstuffs and binds with minerals such as zinc and copper, leaving them undigested by the animal and excreted into the environment.

Fernández elaborates: “AB Vista’s research into phytase superdosing uses higher doses of appropriate phytases in feed to reduce the anti-nutritional effects of phytate in pigs and poultry and therefore improve mineral utilization.” 

Superdosing involves the application of a high dose (three or four times the standard dose) of phytase, such as Quantum Blue, to completely destroy phytate in the animal’s diet and prevent the build-up of IP3 and IP4 esters.

Fernández explains that because phytase superdosing provides substantial extra-phosphoric benefits for the animal, including improved nutrient utilization and increased absorption of inositol, it should not be overlooked when identifying nutrition strategies to maintain production efficiencies and address environmental concerns.

“Our novel Quantum Blue phytase, designed for maximum phytate destruction, was introduced to EMEA in 2014 and many EMEA customers have since adopted superdosing. The phytase is active at very low substrate levels, gastro-stable and naturally thermostable, to ensure rapid degradation of phytate in the anterior gastrointestinal tract.”

Quantum Blue is available in Germany through Dr. Eckel, a global provider of animal feed additives and AB Vista’s distributor for the German and Austrian markets.

AB Vista will share its latest research in animal nutrition at Stand 20E08 of EuroTier, to be held in Hanover, Germany, from Nov. 15-18.