Ballot measures on GMO labeling fail in Colorado, Oregon

Ballot measures on GMO labeling fail in Colorado, Oregon


From WATTAgNet:Ballot measures that would have required labeling of food with genetically modified ingredients were defeated by voters in Colorado and Oregon this week. These states join California and Washington as states that have voted down the labeling laws.Vermont has passed a labeling bill that is set to take effect in 2016. Maine and Connecticut have passed labeling laws, but they will only take effect if other states follow suit.The fight over the proposals was an expensive one, with opponents in Oregon raising about $20 million and supporters raising $7.5 million. In Colorado, proponents of the measure raised $896,000 while opponents raised $16.7 million. The 2013 ballot measure in Washington was the costliest in state history."Measure 92 would have burdened our state’s family farmers and food producers with costly new compliance regulations and red tape," said Pat McCormick, spokesman for the No on 92 Coalition.But opponents of GMOs say they will continue their fight."This is a social movement that’s gaining power, as people become more aware of how their food is produced," said George Kimbrell, a senior attorney at the Center for Food Safety. "So there’s great success there regardless of the outcome of the measure."

Supporters of GMO Labeling Plan to Continue Fight

Food activists would like to see GMO labeling on raw and processed foods, but state ballot measures requiring such labels have failed in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and California. A similar proposal also flopped Tuesday in Colorado, which joined Washington state and California as other states that have said no.

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