Dostofarm founder Reiner Mecking retires

After 16 years, Dostofarm GmbH founder Reiner Mecking has announced his retirement.

After 16 years, Dostofarm GmbH founder Reiner Mecking has announced his retirement. Thomas Logemann is now the sole director.

Dostofarm is specialized in the manufacturing of phytogenic feed additives to improve the health and performance of many species of livestock and sporting animals. The company is known as the pioneer in the industry and is the global market leader for aroma premixes and feed supplements made of natural oregano oil. The growing company from Westerstede in Germany with 14 employees already supplies 42 countries on all continents. Less than one third of the production remains in Germany.

Mecking recognized at an early stage that natural oregano in the feed can reduce the use of antibiotics. He succeeded in extracting the active substance complex of the plant and to put it on the market as a pure natural product with standardised properties: the prerequisite for long-lasting successful use by livestock owners. For this achievement, Dostofarm won an award in 2015 as one of the most innovative companies in Germany.

Farms with organic as well as conventional husbandry methods, and also feed manufacturers in particular, count among the customers buying the product in liquid, powder or capsule form.

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