World Feed Panorama: Top 15 compound feed producing countries

World Feed Panorama finds 15 countries accountedfor more than 72 percent of all compound feeds industrially manufactured globally in 2014.


Any assessment of world compound feed production figures must start with the trends in the countries that are the main players, because their volumes greatly influence the global total. Feed International‘s World Feed Panorama does just this.

Table 1 highlights the Top 15 feed-producing countries by volume in 2014. World Feed Panorama finds that these 15 countries accounted for more than 72 percent of all compound feeds manufactured industrially in each of the last three years.

Our database also demonstrates the pyramid-like structure of the world compound feeds business in terms of national tonnages. Two countries fall in the top-most category of approximately 140 to 165 million metric tons and just one country occupies the 60 to 65 million tons slot at present. 

Beneath these, the groups widen so that there are eight countries broadly between 20 to 30 million tons, nine countries in the 12 to 18 million tons range, eight countries producing 5 to 10 million tons per year and 21 countries with an annual production of 2 to 5 million tons.

For a deeper insight into the trend in production volume in each of the Top 5 countries as well as other major players, visit

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