Repeal of Renewable Fuel Standard not expected, poll indicates

Nearly half of the respondentsin a recent Poultry Confidence Index poll do not expect the Renewable FuelStandard to be repealed by the federal government within the next six months.In the same poll, slightly less than 25 percent of those surveyed believe theRenewable Fuel Standard’s repeal is likely.


Suspension of the Renewable Fuel Standard would benefit the poultry industry, respondents to a recent Poultry Confidence Index poll agreed. An overwhelming 74 percent said they “slightly” or “strongly” agreed with this position.

As Congress debates this issue, The National Chicken Council and the National Turkey Federation – along with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association — have already urged the repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard.

The fuel mandate has been blamed for $35 billion in cumulative additional feed costs, decreased food affordability and growing global political unrest. At a minimum, repeal proponents have called for a temporary waiver until grain harvests have recovered from the recent U.S. drought.

Poultry Confidence Index respondents agree. However, they doubt that the government will repeal or reduce the Renewable Fuel Standard. Half of the respondents said a suspension is “somewhat” or “very” unlikely during the next six months, while slightly less than a quarter said it was “somewhat” or “very” likely. 

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