INFOGRAPHIC: 20 Top Asian Feed Companies

INFOGRAPHIC: 20 Top Asian Feed Companies

Roundup of Asia-Pacific's largest compound livestock feed manufacturers

Based on year-end data from 2014, the 2015 edition of Feed International’s World’s Top Feed Companies report highlighted 101 compound feed manufacturing companies. Of that number, 47.5 percent hail from the Asia-Pacific region.


In addition to the 2014 Top Feed Company data, here are five stats you should know about Asian livestock feed production.

Five facts about Asian compound feed production

  1. Asia-Pacific accounts for more than 37 percent of global compound feed production.
  2. Asia’s Top 5 compound feed-producing countries of 2015 account for 65 percent of Asia’s total feed production volume.
  3. In 2015, four of the world’s five top aquafeed producing countries are located in Asia. In order of production from one to four: China, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.
  4. Thirty-nine percent of the world’s poultry production was located in Asia in 2015.
  5. In 2024, China alone is projected to produce nearly 5 million metric tons of poultry more than the average of production from 2012-14.

Much of the data cited above was gleaned from Feed International’s 2015 World Feed Panorama, an exclusive survey that has been charting world feed production since 1990. Keep an eye out for the 2016 edition, set to run in the April/May 2016 issue of Feed International. However, in the interim, it doesn’t hurt to revisit the 2015 World Feed Panorama report.

Beyond this infographic, the entire World's Top Feed Companies list can be found in the October/November 2015 digital edition of Feed International magazine. Or, if you wish to conduct a data drill-down by company, you may want to peruse WATT Global Media’s Top Feed Companies database. Here you will find historical content, the number of feed mills, species data — and much more.