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Top 32 European feed companies in 2021

Review the 32 European feed producers who manufactured 1 million metric tons or more of compound feed in 2021.

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Listing features the European compound feed producers that manufactured more than 1 million metric tons of feed last year

According to the European Compound Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC), 2022 European compound feed production (EU27) is predicted to decrease by 3.5% — or 5 million tons — compared with 2021 volumes. In 2021, the region produced 150 million tons, but 2022 volumes will hover around 145 million tons.

The association reports that the region’s largest feed producing countries will see decreases ranging from between -8.8 to -1.5% year over year, with declines driven by the economic impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the spread of African swine fever (ASF) and avian influenza. 

Top EU feed manufacturers in 2021

While the final 2022 production volumes of Europe’s top feed producing companies will not be clear for many months, marking how these animal feed manufacturers ranked in 2021 offers a benchmark for how the macro trends — some regional, some global — may have impacted production.

Here is a summary of the 2021 production volumes of the Top European Feed Companies, who produced more than 1 million tons of compound feed in the previous calendar year.

Top 32 European Feed Companies in 2021
Rank Company Annual feed production
(x1,000 metric tons)
1 ForFarmers N.V. 10,000 Netherlands
2 Nutreco 9,500 Netherlands
3 De Heus 8,000 Netherlands
4 Royal Agrifirm Group 5,240 Netherlands
5 DLG Group 3,900 Denmark
6 Veronesi 3,250 Italy
7 AGRAVIS Raiffeisen 3,200 Germany
8 Danish Agro Group 2,800 Denmark
9 Avril Group 2,700 France
9 DTC Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer 2,700 Germany
11 AB Agri 2,227 United Kingdom
12 Miratorg 2,150 Russia
13 Cherkizovo Group 2,100 Russia
14 Grupo Vall Companys 2,060 Spain
15 Eureden 2,002 France
16 Bröring Unternehmensgruppe 2,000 Germany
17 MHP (Myronivsky Hliboproduct) 1,900 Ukraine
18 Arvesta 1,805 Belgium
19 Amadori 1,500 Italy
20 Koka 1,445 Croatia
21 Agropecuaria de Guissona 1,400 Spain
21 Cedrob 1,400 Poland
23 Resource Agribusiness Group 1,388 Russia
24 Terrena 1,358 France
25 Cooperl Arc Atlantique 1,310 France
26 Lantmännen Lantbruk 1,300 Sweden
27 Prioskolye 1,290 Russia
28 BioMar Group 1,250 Denmark
29 MEGA Tierernährung 1,200 Germany
30 2Agriculture Ltd. 1,000 United Kingdom
30 Rothkötter-Mischfutterwerk 1,000 Germany
30 Wipasz 1,000 Poland
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Looking ahead to 2023

With the end of 2022 nearing, 2023 may not offer much relief as the EU feed industry faces “acute” economic issues, i.e. rising inflation worldwide, a war economy, the threat of a global recession, but most critically the looming energy crisis.

“Compound feed manufacturing is an energy-intensive industry, with reportedly additional energy costs per ton of feed ranging between EUR25 (US$25) to EUR35 per ton for standard compound feed — up to EUR60 per ton for specialty feed,” explains FEFAC Secretary General Alexander Döring. “Many feed manufacturers will reduce pelleting, shifting to mash or crumbled feed to save energy.”

To weather high input and energy costs, Döring believes national governments must recognize feed manufacturing as essential, as it did during the pandemic, in order to secure feed production during “this unprecedented challenge for our sector and all of our agrifood chain partners.”

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