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Keenan in collaboration talks with Storti

Collaboration talks between the Keenan and Storti have begun.

Keenan CEO Robert Walker spent eight years in Italy as regional director with Alltech. During this time, he became acquainted with Storti, a producer of total mixed ration diet feeders since 1956, located near Verona in northeast Italy. In April of this year, Walker became CEO of Keenan, and immediately the synergies between the two companies became apparent to him. Collaboration talks between the two companies have begun, and their teams are excited about the many opportunities.

Exhibiting at EuroTier, the world’s leading trade fair for animal production, Keenan announced the collaboration with Storti.

“It fits,” said Walker. “When we looked at our values, routes to market, target customer and the individual strengths of our two companies, it was quickly evident what great things we can achieve together for the benefit of each of our customers.”

Both family-owned companies with a tradition of excellence in manufacturing quality, Keenan and Storti have been carving their own paths in the development of diet feeders for farmers around the globe. Keenan has always focused on nutrition and digital innovation and has pioneered feeding excellence with the development of the MechFiber mix, which has been repeatedly proven in scientific trials to retain the fiber structure of forage to stimulate rumination as well as maximize feed conversion efficiency and animal performance.

Storti has concentrated on machine speed and capacity as well as the development of mechanical innovations and are global leaders in self-propelled technology. Keenan sells their own machines directly while Storti employs a distribution network, which offers its own complementary competencies. Most notably, given the scale of global farming, the two companies are not direct competitors. Keenan has focused on pasture-based agriculture, whereas Storti has a strong presence in Latin markets.

Through their proposed collaboration, both Keenan and Storti intend to share their knowledge and experience with each other to facilitate fast-paced innovation, production efficiencies and reductions in supply chain costs. Through the innovative Keenan InTouch platform and their dedicated team of globally focused nutritionists, Keenan has developed unique algorithms for the exact mixing order, speed and rotations to optimize the nutritional output of diet feeders. Collaborating with Storti to optimize the mix from their machines means that customers of the Italian firm could expect to see farm production gains through advancement in nutritional advice and diet delivery systems. Meanwhile, learning from Storti’s expertise, new Keenan models could be brought to market that will offer larger capacity as well as the enhanced diet structure and quality currently available in machines in the 24+ cube space. This will be achieved while continuing to uphold values of machine reliability and low power and maintenance requirements.

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