Neovia to acquire Nutrizon in Brazil

Neovia has entered into exclusive negotiations with Nutrizon, a major regional player in animal nutrition in the north region of Brazil.

Neovia has entered into exclusive negotiations with Nutrizon, a major regional player in animal nutrition in the north region of Brazil.

The proposed takeover of Nutrizon, which is still pending prior approval by the competition authorities, will strengthen Neovia’s geographical coverage in Brazil as well as its positioning on aquaculture, pet food and ruminants markets. Nutrizon is a pioneer in animal nutrition in north region of Brazil and its takeover will allow Neovia to take position in a developing strategic region, acquire a consolidated company in aquaculture and pet food, and strengthen its export activity (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and others) thanks to the proximity of its facilities with major regional road and river routes.

Nutrizon was created in 2005 in Rondônia. Today, it employs 200 people and has a modern production plant as well as an important branch in Manaus. Nutrizon has experienced strong growth over the past five years and has gradually emerged as a major regional stakeholder in animal nutrition.

The new areas in the north of Brazil have strong potential for aquaculture and livestock products and are ideally located to promote Neovia’s export to neighboring countries. Neovia is already a prominent company in animal nutrition in Brazil and is the first major international group to invest in this region which is not well known but with strong potential.

“Neovia is a major stakeholder in animal nutrition in Brazil and, more broadly, in Latin America. This merger will help us accelerate Nutrizon’s development and provide the company with the benefits of major synergies and the expertise of a global group.” said Savio Franzner, general director of Nutrizon.

Nutrizon has strong aquaculture expertise and benefits from a rare expertise in regional tropical fishes: Tambaqui and Pirarucu. This expertise supplements Neovia’s world expertise in aquaculture and strengthens its offer in a context of accelerating demand in South America.

Nutrizon’s acquisition will also strengthen Neovia’s position on pet food and ruminant feed markets. Finally, it will help the company develop its export activity in Brazil (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, etc.) and take full advantage of its location on the road and river intersection in the north of the country.

“Nutrizon is Neovia’s (formerly InVivo NSA) first investment. The fact that this investment is in Brazil is not by chance as Brazil is a key country for our company which is already the most important player in the national feed open market,” said Hubert de Roquefeuil, CEO of Neovia. Beyond that, this acquisition will allow us to strengthen our footprint in the only area in Brazil where we had limited presence. It will also help us to diversify our global aquaculture offer and to strengthen our position on the pet food and ruminants markets in Brazil. Last but not least, this acquisition will give a new dimension to our export activity, which has high growth potential, especially in countries such as Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador.”

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