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UkrLandFarming expanding reach into EU with eggs, grain

Founder and CEO says ‚Äúcollaboration is vital for our company's growth and fostering economic ties that benefit Ukraine and the EU.‚ÄĚ

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Ukr Land Farming
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Ukrainian agricultural enterprise UkrLandFarming, is expanding its product reach into the European Union (EU).

The company announced in a press release that it intends to cultivate 330,000 hectares of land for grain production and produce approximately 1.5 billion chicken eggs in the latter half of 2024. The move is part of the company’s growth strategy.

UkrLandFarming added that this strategy reflects its commitment to sustainable agricultural practices and its ‚Äúdrive to deliver quality products to a broader customer base.‚ÄĚ

"As we move forward with our expansion plans, we are keen to build strong partnerships in the European Union,‚ÄĚ said UkrLandFarming CEO and Founder Oleg Bakhmatyuk. ‚ÄúThis collaboration is vital for our company's growth and fostering economic ties that benefit Ukraine and the EU.‚ÄĚ

UkrLandFarming is the parent company of Avangardco, a vertically integrated egg-farming subsidiary. It is the largest egg producer in Europe and the 12th largest in the world, with a flock of 13.3 million hens at the conclusion of 2023. While a significant portion of Avandgardco’s business is through business-to-business (B2B) channels, the company also sells its packaged eggs under the Kvochka brand through various retailers.

The company’s grain operations include the production of corn, wheat, rapeseed, sunflower and feed crops. It operates 14 grain elevators with a total holding capacity of 2.5 million metric tons of grain.

Other aspects of UkrLandFarming expansion efforts

UkrLandFarming's expansion strategy includes establishing multiple offices in the EU and strengthening its presence in the Middle East. Bakhmatyuk said the company will be a positive partner in these markets. He said, "We have a proven track record of delivering superior products and services.‚ÄĚ

The company also said it is growing its presence in China and the Far East.

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