WEDA Fish develops new feeding system

WEDA Fish develops product that optimizes feeding times

Ensures optimal feed intake by optimizing the feeding times

In common fish farming feeding systems, large quantities of feed are dispensed to the breeding tanks at intervals by air pressure. However, this energy-intensive method has disadvantages: for example, it does not allow for longer, continuous feeding. In addition, the air dosing systems can only feed at intervals of 10 to 15 minutes, because the prede- fined quantities per tank are dosed out one after the other. For this purpose, WEDA Fish has developed the Opt.In-24 feeding system. It ensures optimal feed intake by optimizing the feeding times.

Inefficient intake of feed pellets

In addition, conventional systems dispense large quantities of feed in order to reach the daily rations. This leads to feed losses because the feed pellets are not completely absorbed by the fish when they sink. Moreover, the expensive pellets are often damaged when they are pushed out through the pipework, resulting in insufficient feed intake. In addition, the water has to be recycled at shorter intervals afterwards.

Uniform feed intake over 24 hours

The new Opt.In-24 automated feeding system from WEDA Fish provides a remedy. It dispenses the feed evenly over 24 hours in several fish tanks and ensures a balanced feed intake by optimizing the feeding times. The pellets remain intact, which saves energy and leads to ideal feeding of the fish.

“Excellent Fish” weighs and doses out

The integrated computer program “Excellent Fish” automatically weighs the exact amount of feed required and then doses and controls the speed of the dosing screws. These augers are located above the tank and dispense the feed at several points simultaneously and continuously. The feed trickles into the tank in the exact dose. Meanwhile, the animals swim through the dosing points of the augers and thus have more frequent and regular opportunities to take in small amounts of food on their circular swimming path.

The advantages of the Opt.IN-24 from WEDA Fish at a glance:

– Simultaneous feeding of several tanks
– Optimal feed intake by adjusting feeding times with continuous slow feeding
– Less feed loss due to reduction of feed sinking
– Large energy savings
– Variable setting of feed quantity per defined time unit depending on time of day


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