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Metabolic Explorer announces new brand

Metabolic Explorer launches new Metex


METABOLIC EXPLORER (METEX), the French industrial biochemistry group and its subsidiary METEX NOOVISTAGO, create and launch the brand METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION.

METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION will name and cover all commercial, marketing and applied R&D activities, human & technical resources and products that are part of the METABOLIC EXPLORER offer dedicated to Animal Nutrition Market.

The product portfolio is composed of 10 amino acids registered as feed additives in European Union and a range of solution targeting the digestive security: inneus, unique solution based on functional amino acids, and b-noov, first bio-sourced butyric acids available on the market.

This evolution is the result of the strategic evolution of the company, which aims to be market oriented, and will offer a clear visibility of its activities at customer point of view. Etienne Corrent, business and innovation director of METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION, confirms: “The roadmap is clear: we will keep on developing new solutions for all targeted markets. Concerning animal nutrition, we are expecting additional innovations to come in the next 2 or 3 years. Those new products could be developed and produced in different sites of the group. It is then logical to embrace an organization market oriented, with specialized and qualified teams.”

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