Amlan International continues APEC region expansion

Amlan appoints Dr. Kim Huang as technical services manager.

Dr. Kim Huang appointed as regional technical services manager

Amlan International, a global leader in natural, mineral-based feed additives for poultry and livestock, has broadened its technical capabilities in the Asia Pacific (APEC) region with the appointment of Dr. Kim Huang as regional technical services manager.

Kim will play an important role in expanding the APEC team that will serve the growing Southeast Asia market where poultry production is expected to account for one-third of global production by 2023. Kim will use his wide-ranging nutrition, poultry and feed-additive experience to help animal protein producers in the APEC region successfully incorporate Amlan’s novel mineral-based feed additives to maintain animal health, improve feed efficiency and achieve their production and business goals.

Input costs for producers are increasing, making improved feed conversion rates and healthy animals even more important for profitability. As regional technical services manager, Kim will be a key technical resource and deliver superior service to ensure long-term customer value and productivity. Kim will work to expand the service experiences for Amlan customers by providing them with mineral-based solutions that can help improve production efficiencies and profitability.

“Kim’s extensive technical service experience in the APEC region will provide our customers with valuable knowledge and expertise on the benefits of incorporating our novel mineral-based feed additives into their poultry and livestock operations,” says Fred Kao, vice president of Global Sales, Amlan International. “We are extremely excited to welcome Kim to the team and look forward to the opportunities he will bring to Amlan and our customers.”

Kim has been involved in the animal nutrition industry for more than 30 years, including most recently as a nutritional consultant for poultry businesses. Previously, he was a technical and commercial director for the Asia Pacific for a global feed and nutrition technology company subsidiary and a nutritional services manager for the Asia Pacific for a global poultry breeding company.

“Consumer demands for natural, antibiotic-free animal protein are growing around the world,” says Dan Jaffee, president and CEO, Oil-Dri Corporation of America. Jaffee is also president and general manager of Amlan. “Kim joining our team of knowledgeable industry professionals will help strengthen our APEC operations and help our customers meet the evolving consumer demands for high-quality, natural animal protein.”

Kim is a graduate of South China Agricultural University, with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agricultural science. He earned a PhD from the University of Queensland specializing in the amino acid nutrition of broiler chickens.




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