Ceva recently receives a positive opinion from CVMP

Ceve receives clearance to administer DUO from CVMP.

Swine producers across Europe can now administer DUO

Ceva recently received a positive opinion from the CVMP, scientific committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products, for Circovac + Hyogen ready to Mix: DUO. It now means swine producers across Europe can administer Circovac and Hyogen together, as DUO, offering improved welfare and convenience at farm level.

DUO gives protection against PCV2 and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae until 26 weeks of age, covering the whole fattening period.

Coupled with the systematic use of the Ceva Lung Program, which measures lung lesions in the slaughterhouse, the combination product offers an unparalleled opportunity for producers to improve the respiratory health in their herds. A single global web platform: The Precision Health Program (PHP) combines these lung lesion scoring reports and provides real time reports to participating farms. This allows producers to benchmark their performance (within company and against the top national producers), and therefore, take the most informed, preventative respiratory health decisions. The dynamic program, based on continual farm data analysis and audit, has been demonstrated to provide significant health improvements over time.

The newly available presentation of Hyogen (100 dose) matches with the current Circovac 100 dose presentation to allow for easy mixing of the two vaccines in one vial.

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