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Furst-McNess launches Furst Animal Health

The Furst-McNess Company launched their Furst Animal Health brand to better distinguish their health-focused products in the marketplace.

New brand to help distinguish products

The Furst-McNess Company, headquartered in Freeport, IL launched their Furst Animal Health brand on January 20, 2020 to better distinguish their health-focused products in the marketplace. Products such as LeanFuel, Furst Boost and Furst Water Boost for swine, their Viribus product line for poultry, and Furst Force Calf and Furst Force Receiver for cattle, along with their species-specific Equalize products, have been in the market place for several years; however, the branding differentiation between their nutritional line of products and health products has not been evident. 

The Furst-McNess Company has invested heavily in product research in recent years and have entered into several exclusive agreements with international and domestic companies to bring world-class products to market. “We are convinced that our products, such as LeanFuel, are such difference-makers in the marketplace that we believed creating this new brand was the best way to help differentiate and market these unique products,” according to Matt Heinrich, President and CEO of Furst-McNess. “Our product research and development team has proven products that are making significant strides in the market, and we’re excited to launch this new brand,” Heinrich added. 

Leading product development efforts at Furst-McNess is Dr. Fredrik Sandberg, VP of Health & Nutrition, believes this new brand will help distinguish McNess health products in the market, while also open the doors to other opportunities. “Furst Animal Health products will only come to market after heavy research and commercial trials prove the science,” according to Dr. Sandberg. “In some cases, like LeanFuel, we’ve spent nearly 8 years taking what we’ve learned from our trials, research and customer feedback, and developed next generation products that are truly making an impact,” he added. 

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