Aquaculture in Asia: Video interview for Diamond V at 75

Aquaculture in Asia is poised for tremendous growth, according to Diamond V’s Serge Corneillie, PhD, Technical and Business Development, Asia.

“There is an enormous market,” Dr. Corneillie said. “On top of that, Asia has a fantastic environment to grow fish and shrimp — the perfect temperatures year-round and a lot of places that have very good protection against storms. So they can produce in a safe way the whole year.”

However, he pointed out, there also are serious challenges, especially in shrimp farms, where bacterial and viral diseases cause significant losses.

Diamond V’s Kevin Corizzo interviewed Dr. Corneillie as part of the company’s monthly video series “Diamond V at 75: Immune Strength for Life,” which celebrates Diamond V’s history in the animal and feed industries and highlights its scientific research, technical expertise, and vision for the future. The August video focuses on a growing segment of Diamond V’s business portfolio — aquaculture.

Dr. Corneillie noted that there’s an increasing demand for healthy products in Asia – and people have more money to spend on these products: “So, I think the future looks very, very good for aquaculture.”

The “Diamond V at 75” video series is continuing throughout 2018 with technical highlights and market insights from Diamond V experts.

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On August 15, Dr. Corneillie is scheduled to speak at The Aquaculture Roundtable Series in Chiang Mai, Thailand. For more information, visit