Netherlands seeks investors for fish feed plants in Ghana

Ghana’s fish farming industry has potential, but only one local fish feed manufacturer exists

The Netherlands Embassy in Ghana is recommending that its government takes steps to increase local feed production to aid the growth and economic potential of the fish farming industry in Ghana.

A recent study on the aquaculture sector in Ghana found that there is great potential for the tilapia farming industry. However, there is only one local fish feed manufacturer. Most fish feed is imported, which increases production costs.

“I think definitely there is an opportunity to invest in a local production plant for fish feed because there is only one or two plants that produce fish feed,” First Secretary at the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana Thierry Van Helden said in a report.

The Netherlands Embassy is trying to lure investors from its country to explore opportunities in Ghana’s aquaculture sector.

“We want to stimulate Dutch companies to invest in the aquaculture sector in Ghana and to increase trade in that area so we can modernize and professionalize the sector to a higher level,” Van Helden said.

The aquaculture sector contributes 3 percent to Ghana’s gross domestic product annually.