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Cargill expands Mexico aquafeed facility

Cargill expands Mexico aquafeed facility


From WATTAgNet:

Cargill Mexico has expanded its animal feed facility in Tehuacán, Puebla, Mexico.

With the construction of a new extrusion line for the production of fish feeds at the facility, the company has increased its production capacity by 5,000 tons. The expansion will serve the feed demand for catfish, trout and tilapia of Puebla, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Chiapas and the Yucatán Peninsula.

The extrusion process will improve performance, cost and benefits of feed, and its conversion ratio.

The new line is part of a $16 million investment plan in Mexico and Central America that looks to serve the needs of the region’s aquaculture producers.

“This new investment endorses our confidence in Puebla, a State that has promoted the social and economic development, in which we have had the privilege of operate throughout 49 years,” said Gerardo Quintero, Managing Director of Cargill’s Feed & Nutrition business for Mexico and Central America.

“Cargill will continue working hand to hand with authorities and producers, offering finance, risk management solutions, reliability in the purchase of crops and products, new international markets for the nation’s yields and products, as well as high quality and performance nutrition solutions, while collaborating in the selecting of the best products, with the support of our deep insight knowledge of the agribusiness markets,” said Marcelo Martins, president of Cargill Mexico. Cargill’s goal is to help the Mexican agribusiness sector thrive for the next 50 years, he said.

Cargill invested $7.8 million dollars in Puebla to promote the growth of aquaculture in the south of Mexico

As part of the celebrations for its 150th global anniversary and 50 years of operations in Mexico, Cargill Mexico inaugurated the expansion of its animal feed facility. The expansion is the result of a $7.8 million dollar investment, informed Gerardo Quintero, Managing Director of Cargill’s Feed & Nutrition business for Mexico and Central America.


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