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Aller Aqua Group opens fish feed factory in Egypt

Aller Aqua Group has completed construction on its new fish feed factory in Egypt.

Aller Aqua Group has completed construction on its new fish feed factory in Egypt.

According to the company, the factory is Egypt’s largest and most modern production of environmentally friendly, extruded fish feed.

“The momentum we have managed to create in Egypt since 2011 creates the basis for this extraordinary expansion, giving us the opportunity to triple sales,” said Henrik Halken, chairman of Aller Aqua Egypt.

Aller Aqua has experienced continuous growth. Besides a factory in Christiansfeld, Denmark, it built a factory in Poland in 2001 and in Germany in 2007. Besides a modern fish feed factory, the latter further consists of a factory for the production of protein derived from peas and broad beans.

Hans Erik Bylling, majority shareholder and managing director in the Aller Aqua Group, said the company now sells its fish feed to more than 50 countries worldwide.

“We have a clear and concise strategy in Aller Aqua, designed to create further growth over the coming years – and investments like the one in Egypt is one of the tools to reach our targets, as well as the continued growth in existing and new markets,” he said. “Aquaculture is today the fastest growing food sector – and more than half of the fish consumed globally are farmed fish. Thus we focus on growing our activities in several of the world’s emerging markets.”

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