Danisco demonstrates enzyme innovations at Eurotier

Costs of feed focus of company's exhibition

Danisco Animal Nutrition focused on the rising costs of raw feed materials, particularly vegetable proteins like soybean meal, while exhibiting at EuroTier 2012. Feed industry visitors saw enzyme combinations like the Avizyme 1500 series, with effects of protease on protein digestibility, beyond the release of energy by xylanase and amylase.

While at the exposition, Danisco hosted a technical seminar that provided a forum for customers and scientists to share the latest knowledge of gut health in monogastric animals. The seminar attracted a large audience that was addressed by international speakers including Richard Ducatelle from Ghent University, who shared the latest research on factors influencing poultry gut health, and Jaap van Milgen from INRA, France, on precision feeding for sustainable livestock production.

Eurotier was Danisco’s first event in Europe to exhibit as a business unit of DuPont and promote its brands like Avizyme, Porzyme, Phyzyme XP and Betafin under the DuPont name.

“Our mission is to exploit the strength of DuPont in agriculture and market-driven science and to build on our expertise in enzymes, betaine and probiotics, with a pipeline of new solutions, for example, Axtra XB, a feed enzyme launched recently in the EU and approved for use in mixed grain diests for all species,” said Danisco regional director Jose Manuel de la Fuente.

DuPont acquired Danisco Animal Nutrition in May 2011.