Top 10 articles about the animal feed industry from March

See what topics were the most popular in the animal feed industry in March.


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See what topics were the most popular in the animal feed industry in March.

Animal feed nutrition: When you think you know everything

Nobody believes we are missing something. We know all nutrients essential for maximal and efficient animal production, and the exact levels we need to make it profitable. Such notions are often exchanged among people who work in nutrition but are not nutritionists themselves.

Land O’Lakes reports record earnings for 2016

Powered by growth in core businesses and the unification with United Suppliers, Land O’Lakes Inc. reported record net earnings for the year ending Dec. 31, 2016. The company reported a record $320 million in net earnings on $13.2 billion in sales and returned a record $187 million in cash to its member-owners.

How to use medium-chain fatty acids in pig diets

Pig gut health suffers during times of stress. This leaves them susceptible to disease, as well as having a negative effect on growth. Medium chain fatty acids are known to have antibacterial activity and their benefit on performance makes them a useful tool in antibiotic-free production.

Common additives to replace antibiotics in US broiler feeds

The United States is following the arduous path already taken by the European Union, at least when it comes to banning growth-promoting antibiotics in broiler diets. In fact, in several well-known instances, the U.S. broiler industry is taking it a step further by refusing to use antibiotics even for therapeutic purposes in the Never Ever 3 (NE3) marketing approach.

Deadline nears for feed companies that export to China

Editor’s note: The deadline for feed additive and premix companies to get on the list has been extended to March 20. U.S. animal feed facilities that wish to export feed additives and/or premixes to China will have to follow a new protocol to do so, and an important deadline is quickly approaching.

How to use bentonite in monogastric animal diets

Feeding earth (clays) to animals is not new or abnormal. Wild animals always consume a healthy portion of earth alongside their feed, especially those that look for food below ground.

INFOGRAPHIC: 6 steps to FSMA compliance

As the feed industry scrambles to keep up with the expanded requirements outlined in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), many are wondering what they need to do to become compliant. The American Feed Industry Association’s Feed Production Education program offered important information, updates and tips about the FSMA and other recent regulatory requirements for the feed industry at the 2017 International Production & Processing Expo in January.

New rules set to make European food safer

New rules were officially adopted by the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, this week to make the European food chain safer. Among other changes, they will entail more inspections throughout the food chain – from farm to fork.

Understanding broiler feed formulation pressure points

A typical broiler formula can be constructed easily using only a handful of ingredients. Knowing the three most expensive nutrients in any feed, one can start understanding where the main pressure points are in feed formulation.

Fish farm says Purina feed caused massive die-offs

An Illinois fish producer is suing Purina Animal Nutrition for allegedly causing massive fish die-offs with its feed. Largemouth bass producer Veath Fish Farm is seeking more than $1 million for loss of sales, customers and other damages from Purina and Texas Farm Products Company, which allegedly produced the feed.

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