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Top 10 articles about the animal feed industry from September

See what topics were the most popular in the animal feed industry in September.

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From WATTAgNet:

See what topics were the most popular in the animal feed industry in September.

Broiler super pre-starter formulation secrets revealed

This article appears in the July issue of Poultry International. View all of the articles in the digital edition of this magazine. We have already discussed the reasons and benefits from using a super pre-starter broiler formula during the first seven days post-hatch.

Bayer to acquire Monsanto in a $66 billion deal

Bayer and Monsanto have signed a definitive merger agreement under which Bayer will acquire Monsanto for USD$128 per share in an all-cash transaction ($66 billion). Based on Monsanto’s closing share price on May 9, the day before Bayer’s first written proposal to Monsanto, the offer represents a premium of 44 percent to that price.

Animal feed formulation principles: A crash course

I recall a time when feed formulation, for me, was a world full of wonderment and perplexity. I was an undergraduate in animal science, and I was hopelessly trying to find books about how to formulate programs.

7 tips to replace wheat for corn in broiler formulas

All indications point to a bumper cereal crop this year. As it happens, in all cases of such abundance, ample quantities of soft and hard wheat will overflow to the animal feed industry.

6 pullet feeding tips to increase egg production

Layer pullets are not frequently in the center of discussions among nutritionists, yet a successful rearing program is the key for better life-long performance.

Feed management: The dilemma of a pre-layer diet

A pre-layer diet is a special formula, rich in calcium, that is being offered to developing pullets during the last couple weeks before they start laying their first eggs.

New mycotoxins reported in US corn, wheat, barley crops

New reports of mycotoxins have been reported in the U.S. wheat, corn and barley crops in the past week, according to Neogen’s Mycotoxin Report on August 29.

Mycotoxins, disease reported in US corn, wheat crops

There are new reports of aflatoxin in corn and deoxynivalenol (DON) in wheat in the U.S., according to Neogen’s Mycotoxin Report on September 19. Diplodia ear rot also has been reported in corn in Michigan and Ohio.

101 Top global livestock feed companies of 2014

Global compound feed production rose by 1.6 percent in 2014 – in part driven by the growing volumes of the world’s leading animal feed manufacturers. In total, the companies featured in the this year’s “World’s Top Feed Companies” report account for more than 40 percent of total global production.

12 animal feed strategies to combat high cereal prices

High prices for common cereals have come and gone since ancient times. The only assurance we have is that these cycles will continue, and what better times to consider measures against them now that prices appear to be normal.

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