Dr. Eckel GmbH observes 20 years in feed additive business

Dr. Eckel GmbH on July 4 celebrated 20years of innovation and success in the field of animal feed additives.

  Dr. Eckel GmbH on July 4 celebrated 20 years of innovation and success in the field of animal feed additives. The company, founded in 1994 in Niederzissen, Germany, hosted a celebration that drew many partners, clients and other noteworthy people.

Since its foundation in 1994, Dr. Eckel GmbH has continued to expand its range of products around its core business to meet the demands of all their customers. The company attributes its continued success to four key principles: performance, hygiene, health and functional products.

The responsible treatment of the environment, animals and people is one of the company’s first general principles of business. This philosophy and the commitment to it have been recognized numerous times, with awards for Dr.  Eckel GmbH  and for its CEO, Dr. Antje Eckel.


20 years through the eyes of Dr.Eckel’s founder


In her welcoming words to 200 guests, Eckel looked back over the past 20 years. Mentioning important milestones, she also expressed her thanks to those present for their empathy to commit to common goals. Many customers and providers have remained loyal since the company’s beginnings. These long-lasting, stable business relationships are part of the success of Dr. Eckel GmbH.

Currently, Dr. Eckel employs 50 employees from 14 nations and cultures.

Growing need for feed productsrequires innovation


Among the dignitaries present for the anniversary celebration was Julia Klöckner, local president of the CDU party for Rhineland-Palatinate and vice-president of CDU Germany, who expressed her appreciation for this middle-class society and highlighted the importance for the whole agricultural business. Referring to her once having been parliamentary secretary of state in the ministry of agriculture and nutrition, she has always been very familiar with agriculture and future developments.

Klöckner explained that until 2050, the need for food products will grow globally by 70 percent. To meet this demand, she said, the food industry needs experts like Dr. Eckel GmbH.

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