Highlights from the 2011 International Feed Expo

A number of new and improved products and services from U.S. and international suppliers were displayed at the 2011 International Feed Exposition in Atlanta. Readers are urged to review company websites for additional information.

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A number of new and improved products and services from U.S. and international suppliers were displayed at the 2011 International Feed Exposition in Atlanta. Readers are urged to review company websites for additional information.

Mill construction and turnkey projects  

  • A number of companies based in the U.S. offer turnkey packages for new construction, retrofits and expansion.
  • Todd & Sargent located in Iowa offer complete mill projects, port grain handling installations, grain storage, oil seed crushing and refining plants and slipform silos. The company has completed over 30 significant projects during the past 7 years.
  • T.E. Ibberson Company located in Minnesota has both domestic and international scope with services extending from consulting, maintenance engineering and erection, slipform construction through to turnkey projects for the grain, flour milling, food, feed, cement and renewable fuels industries. The holding company has two operating subsidiaries Ibberson Engineering and Ibberson International. The company has extensive experience in North America, Central and South America, Europe, the Pacific Rim and Central Asia.
  • Henning Construction of Iowa supplies a full range of mechanical, civil and engineering services for turnkey, retrofit or expansion.

Feed mixing and milling equipment  

  • Buhler of Switzerland is a long established manufacturer of mechanical, electrical and control systems for the wheat, feed and food industries. Buhler offer technical and consulting services, engineering design including conceptual planning and sourcing with manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after-sales service including training. The company works closely with the Swiss Institute of Feed Technology and has subsidiaries in five continents.
  • Muyang of China has benefited from adoption of existing technology with application to the domestic and international markets. The company offers plant design, construction, installation and commissioning across a broad range of milling and feed manufacturing operations.
  • ZCME of China specializes in pelleting plants which can be supplied over broad range to suit both original installation and retrofitting in addition to expansion.
  • Bliss Industries Inc. of Oklahoma is a manufacturer of hammermills ranging from 5 to 600 HP incorporating specific design features contributing to safety, efficiency and a range of grinds. The company also manufactures a comprehensive range of pellet mills with turbo drive power ranging from 80 to 500 HP.
  • Insta-Pro of Iowa designs and supplies extruders, presses and coolers for the feed, food and oil seed industries. The company is equipped to evaluate projects, prepare technical specifications and provide complete installations, commissioning and after-sales service.• American Feed Milling Systems of Florida specializes in engineering, design and after sales service for grain handling and feed production. The company has an export orientation with numerous clients and projects in Latin America with an emphasis on the sourcing of components and service.
  • The Riley Equipment Company of Indiana specializes in grain handling including screw and incline drag conveyors and bucket elevators. The company also manufactures accessories including rotary head distributors, values and gates.
  • GSI of Illinois has both a domestic and international presence in grain drying, storage and conveying equipment for both new and retrofit installations. Capacities of prefabricated grain silos range from 3,000 to 50,000 Bu.
  • Union Iron Works, a division of AGI, manufactures grain handling installations including bucket elevators, chain conveyors and towers. The company also provides prefabricated components to erect temporary storage with modular frames and tarpaulins, conveyors and aeration. Systems can be supplied to store from 40,000 Bu to 3.5 million Bu.
  • Premier Tech Systems located in the U.S. has subsidiaries in France, the UK, Canada, Italy and Thailand. The company specializes in feed handling including bagging and sealing. Premier Tech has introduced a range of robotic pelletizing and handling applications based on Fanuc robots with specially designed end-of-arm tools.
  • Mole-Master Services Corporation in Ohio specializes in equipment to clean silos, bins and piping. The company also provides industrial vacuum services for cleaning spills and hydro-blasting for cleaning specialized components.
  • Sudenga Industries of Iowa manufactures a complete range of equipment for feed mills including hammermills, mixers, batch controller, bin unloading systems, micro ingredient addition units and bulk bag systems.
  • Walinga of Guelph, Canada manufactures Agri-Vac units for pneumatic conveying of grain and removal of spilled product in the vicinity of feed mills and livestock housing.
  • BinMaster of Nebraska manufactures bin metal controls and inventory management equipment applying modern electronic technology. Remote collection of data is possible with the systems which provides alerts and allows multiple site reporting to optimize and control feed inventory.
  • Weigh Tech manufactures weighing and specialty processing installations for the feed industry.
  • MaxiLift Inc. of Texas manufactures a range of metal, and plastic elevator buckets for industrial and agricultural applications under the brands “Dura-Bucket,” “Tiger-Tuff,” “HD-Max” and “CC Max.” The company specializes in conveying grain and feed with components for bucket and drag elavators.
  • Easy Automation supplies computerized mill software and automation systems in addition to micro ingredient weighing installations. Accurate dispensing of micro ingredients and precise records are critical to comply with GMP and FDA requirements.

Feed delivery trailers  

  • CEI Equipment Company of Iowa produce feed delivery trailers with capacities ranging from 1,368 to 1,980 ft3 over tank lengths of 36 ft. to 45 ft. Lightweight aluminum Pacer brand trailers can be supplied with a number of options including front discharge unloading, retrieval, straight vertical auger and rack and pinion gates. 
  • Hensley manufactures MaxHaul, Hydra-Hauler trailers and bulk bodies. The Hydra-Hauler range extends from 1,100 ft3 to 2,400 ft3. In addition to an extensive list of standard equipment, Hydra-Hauler bulk bodies can be supplied with either hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or ground-operated top lids, disinfection systems, air clean-out and hand-held wireless remote controllers. Hensley has introduced the super Auger Generation II with a range of unloading systems and capacities.
  • Warren Manufacturing Inc. of Alabama manufactures bulk feed bodies and trailers to suit a wide range of applications for semis and fixed trucks for the domestic and international markets. Bulk feed bodies range in capacity from 408 ft3 to 1,316 ft3 with divisions for special requirements and desired compartment sizes. Warren trailers offer a range of standard features and competitive options in tank lengths ranging from 24 ft. to 40 ft.
  • Sudenga Industries supply the “ALBB” series feed bodies ranging from451 ft3 to 1,200 ft3 with a loading speed of up to 2,700 lbs. /minute. The Sudenga “Big Boy” feed trailers offers front unloading from a single floor auger with body lengths of 28 ft. to 45 ft. and capacities of 1,000 ft3 to 2,000 ft3.
  • Walinga of Guelph, Canada supply ultra-lite semi-trailers in a number of configurations including both off-the- shelf and custom designs.

This brief review includes products displayed prominently at the IFE. Omission of products from the list is either inadvertent or due to restraints of space and does not imply inferiority in comparison to items or companies recognized – Editor. 

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