ADM, China Agricultural University research grain replacements in feed

Study looks into replacing some corn with co-products, corn stover

Archer Daniel Midlands Company and China Agricultural University have launched a research program to study the possibility of replacing a portion of the corn in cattle feed with a mix of corn processing co-products and corn stover.

China’s livestock currently consume about 112 million metric tons of corn per year, and cattle producers may be able to reduce their animals’ consumption by more than half by using such a mix. In more than 20 cattle-feeding trials, which ADM has conducted in partnership with three U.S. agricultural research universities, researchers have been able to replace more than 60 percent of the grain in ruminants’ diets with a mixture of stover treated with hydrated lime — a common food ingredient — and high-protein distillers’ grains without negatively impacting the animals’ growth and development.

ADM will fund the two-year research program, and ADM researchers will work with Dr. Shengli Li, a professor of dairy science at China Agricultural University, to conduct a series of feeding trials at the university as well as cooperative trials with large dairy farms in China.