The world’s top 15 feed producers

The world’s top 15 feed producers

Denis Rozhnovsky |

Feed Strategy earlier this year released its list of top feed producing companies worldwide, as ranked by annual feed production.

The 2020 Feed Strategy World’s Top Feed Companies rankings saw a bit of movement among the first 15 companies, as compared with the previous year. The companies are ranked by annual feed production tonnage for calendar year 2019.

Haid Group, now ranked as the sixth largest feed producing company in the world, previously was listed as No. 17. China’s Muyuan Foodstuff occupied the sixth spot last year, and it moved down the rankings this year to 52.

Shuangbaotai Group (Twins Group) now ranks as the 12th largest feed producing company, moving up from the 15th spot the previous year. It took the place of East Hope Group, which now ranks at the 23rd spot.

Based in the U.S., Alltech now ranks as the 14th largest company, moving up two spots. Arab Company for Livestock Development (ACOLID), previously ranking at 14, now occupies the 15th spot.

Top 15 feed producers worldwide, ranked by annual feed production (x 1,000 metric tons)

  1. CP Group (Thailand): 27,650
  2. New Hope Group (China): 20,000
  3. Cargill (United States): 19,600
  4. Land O’Lakes (United States): 13,500
  5. Wen’s Food Group (China): 12,770
  6. Haid Group (China): 12,290
  7. BRF (Brazil): 10,506
  8. ForFarmers N.V. (Netherlands): 10,095
  9. Tyson Foods (United States): 10,000
  10. Nutreco (Netherlands): 9,000
  11. De Heus (Netherlands): 8,000
  12. Shuangbaotai Group (Twins Group) (China): 7,400
  13. JA Zen-Noh (Japan): 7,200
  14. Alltech (United States): 6,500
  15. Arab Company for Livestock Development (ACOLID) (Saudi Arabia): 6,250

The next set of rankings will be published in Feed Strategy in September 2021.

Digging deeper into the world’s top feed producers

For more feed company insights, access the world’s leading feed producers database to look up individual company profiles, sort by region, country or key product category. The database offers information on more than 180 feed producing companies from around the world. The profiles include, where available, annual feed tonnage, number of feed mills, geographic markets served, key product categories and headquarters location.

Annual Feed Strategy World’s Top Feed Companies survey

Feed Strategy World’s Top Feed Companies edition includes rankings of the feed producing companies throughout the world. Additional data sets in the 2020 issue include top feed companies’ tonnage by region, number of companies by region and companies to watch that are nearing qualification for the list of top companies. To participate in the survey or for further questions, please email [email protected].