Outlook on Latin American feed ingredients for 2013

Spanish webinar to take place February 26

There are good corn and soybean harvests in South America, but there was a drought in the U.S.; the price of fishmeal is rising, so the supply of rendering products is again attractive to the poultry industry. So where do amino acids come in? These are some of the possibilities on the market this year. Industria Avícola of WATT Publishing will present a Spanish-language webinar about what to expect from these raw materials on Tuesday, February 26 at 9 a.m. Central Time. Three prominent speakers include:

  • Dr. Ricardo Celma, Agri Trends and Services, SC, will discuss the outlook for corn and sorghum
  • Dr. Carlos Lopez Coello, National Renderers Association, will tell us what happens to rendering products
  • Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, Novus International, will describe the market for amino acids used in poultry

You can expect to learn:

  1. What to expect of the corn market, as the main ingredient, and sorghum in the markets in which it is used, and its implications in poultry nutrition
  2. The convenience of using rendering products in poultry feed conditions compared with fishmeal and soybean meal
  3. The way the use of main ingredients may affect the use of amino acids in poultry feeds and what we can expect in this market

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