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10 new, enhanced animal feed industry products

Find out about the latest animal feed industry technologies, equipment and feed additives released in the past 18 months.

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Dmitrii Ulianenko |

Product showcase highlights latest animal feed industry technologies, feed additives

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of many in-person trade exhibitions serving the global animal feed industry. The 2021 New Product Reveal aimed to highlight the latest feed-focused technologies introduced to the market in the past 18 months. In a typical year, many decision-makers would have been introduced to these products by a sales representative in person or at a trade show.

Feed Strategy’s November/December 2021 issue provided a comprehensive collection of the latest product and service offerings. This feature contains the new products that didn’t make it to the magazine due to space constraints.

Adiveter Adifarm G 1Adiveter | Adifarm G+ premix

  • Composed of resinic acids and monolaurin to control the intestinal gram-positive bacterial population and enhance gut health and microbiota
  • High efficacy against the most relevant gram-positive bacteria, i.e. Streptococcus suis, Clostridium perfringens, Staphylococcus aureus
  • Improves intestinal health and enhance gut microbiome to cope with reduced antibiotic and zinc oxide production
  • Stable against granulation heat stress
  • Improves animal performance and footpad dermatitis (FPD)

Andritz Paladin 2000ANDRITZ Feed and Biofuel | Paladin 2000

  • Now available with three rollers, automatic roller adjustment (ARJ) and roll slip control (RSC)
  • The new quick die change (QDC) feature provides safer maintenance procedures with 50% less downtime
  • The twin 200kW motors provide 25% more power than previous models
  • Now fortified with new heat-resistant v-belts and reinforced with more robust timing belts for reduced maintenance

Chain Craft C Craft Powder 1ChainCraft | C-Craft Powder

  • Strong antimicrobial performance, specifically against gram-negative bacteria, based on high content of Sodium Caproate
  • Improving gut morphology and boosting the immune system, based on high sodium butyrate content
  • Easy handling, low odor and high solubility in water of up to 60% based on the sodium salt product form
  • More sustainably produced than current short- and medium-chain fatty acids by fermentation of food residues, resulting in low carbon footprint and stable supply


Hamlet Protein Avi SureHamlet Protein A/S | HP AviSure

  • Vegetable protein product for young chicks produced from dehulled and fat extracted soybean meal (SBM) by an enzymatic treatment to reduce the level of antinutritional factors (ANFs)
    • Improved performance
    • Minor cost for a greater profit

Native Microbials Avius Protect 1Native Microbials | Avius Protect

  • Made with microbes that come straight from the intestinal tracts of healthy, high-performing chickens
  • Helps chickens maintain a resilient microbiome
  • Ensures optimal protection against microbial stressors






Nutrition Technologies Hi Oil 2

Nutrition Technologies | Hi.Oil

  • Black soldier fly (BSF) oil, rich in medium-chain fatty acids and highly digestible
  • Natural antimicrobial properties, such as lauric acid
  • Sustainable substitute for fish meal or soybean meal in livestock, pets and aquafeed
  • It improves the feed intake, due to high palatability and volatile compounds



003 Logo T5 X 1 768x768 1 480x480 jpgWisium | T5X

  • Mycotoxins’ risk management through service package including control plan, analysis and mobile app for product and dosage recommendation
  • Binding: Adsorption of polar mycotoxins proven by unique in vivo and patented model
  • Detoxification: Enhancement of natural detox pathways and strong anti-oxidation
  • Immuno-stimulation: Efficient immune system activation


Nutrition Technologies Hi Dried 2Nutrition Technologies | Hi.Dried

  • Black soldier fly (BSF) full-fat meal, rich in key amino acids and highly digestible
  • Natural multiple antimicrobial properties, such as peptides and lauric acid
  • Sustainable substitute for fish meal or soybean meal in livestock, pets and aquafeed
  • Enhances growth performance, the survival rate, feed intake and improves feed conversion ratio









Proteon Bafasal G

Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. | Bafasal + G

  • Helps prevent large economic losses due to Salmonella Gallinarum by targeting it in the animal gut
  • Minimizes the risk of mortality among valuable breeder, layer and broiler flocks due to Salmonella Gallinarum
  • Supports birds’ health and improves production performance, egg laying and egg hatching rates
  • Helps to reduce the use of antibiotics on the farm and does not create antibiotic resistance


Qti Qbiotics 1 Dp 1Quality Technology International Inc. | Q-Biotic 1DP

  • Single strain probiotic for poultry and swine feed applications
  • Select Bacillus subtilis strain with high activity, gastric and feed manufacturing stability
  • Available in concentrated form (Q-Biotic 1CP), and in organic form
  • Designed to promote a healthy gut and improve performance

Qti Bac Pack Q1plus1 2Quality Technology International Inc. | BacPack Q1+1

  • Highly active synbiotic for poultry and swine feed applications
  • Combination of a select single-strain Bacillus subtilis probiotic (Q-Biotic 1DP) and a highly functional prebiotic (IMW50)
  • Organic form available
  • Effective and economical synbiotic option for food safety and performance improvement

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