2021 New Product Reveal: 35 feed industry solutions

Feed Strategy's annual collection of the latest feed additive, feed ingredient and equipment solutions for the year ahead.

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Product showcase highlights the latest animal feed industry technologies, feed additives

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of many in-person trade exhibitions serving the global animal feed industry. The 2021 New Product Reveal aims to highlight the latest feed-focused technologies introduced to the market in the past 12 months or so. In a typical year, many decision-makers would have been introduced to these products by a sales representative in person or at a trade show, but, given the circumstances, instead Feed Strategy provides a comprehensive collection of the latest product and service offerings.



Adi Feed Logo

AdiFeed | adiCox APis

  • Concentrated mixture of natural ingredients containing phytoncides
  • Stimulates and support animals’ natural resistance to bacterial and protozoan infections
  • Restores biological balance and improves proper functioning of gastrointestinal tract during and after infections
  • Stimulates natural immunity and productivity
  • Acts selectively in the digestive tract to stabilize epithelial cell membranes during diarrhea occurrences


Adiveter Adipellet

Adiveter | Adipellet pellet binders

  • Increases productivity due to a better lubrication in all production process, increasing final yield output, reducing energy consumption and causing less wear and tear
  • Improves pellet quality and nutritional value
  • Binds ingredients and additives and holds its structure during all processes
  • Improves animal health due to the prebiotic effect, enhancing animal performance



Andritz Spout Gear Pellet Mill

ANDRITZ Feed and Biofuel | Sprout gear-driven pellet mills with auto roll adjust

  • Now available with two or three roll options and auto roll adjust
  • External ARA with the strength of a hydraulic system yet the safety of pneumatics
  • Safer, cleaner operation that is more energy efficient and easier to maintain
  • Available on 26XW and 36XW



Andritz Cm L Conditioner

ANDRITZ Feed and Biofuel | CM-L Conditioner

  • New mixing shaft design allows the motor to be mounted on either the inlet or outlet end for installations with space restrictions
  • Now available with an IE3 direct drive motor to ensure unsurpassed energy efficiency
  • Paddle settings can be configured independent of the application to achieve top performance
  • New sealing system combined with automatic lubrication ensures service inspections are reduced from weekly to yearly



Andritz Metris VibANDRITZ Feed and Biofuel | Metris Vib condition monitoring

  • Save time and money by decreasing production downtime and avoiding costly equipment failures
  • Maintenance support system for preventing unscheduled maintenance and early warning to ensure availability of needed replacement parts
  • Condition monitoring via free mobile app and the Metris Vibe Dashboard cloud subscription for full access to collected data storage and analysis support
  • Easy to install and monitor



Animine Man Grin

ANIMINE | ManGrin manganese

  • High concentration (75%), highly purified manganese
  • High flowability and safety standards
  • High stability
  • High bioavailability



Armstrong Steam Harness

Armstrong Steam Harness

  • Offers real-time access to key parameters such as steam pressure, steam quality, steam consumption and more using an HMI with programmable PLC.
  • Allows you to determine optimum steam capacity and quality for a given formula
  • Boosts production and yield, reduces steam chokes, and cuts your product rejection rates
  • Ensure proper condensate drainage and delivery of dry, measurable, quality steam to pellet mill
  • or extruder



Bin Master Feed View

BinMaster | FeedView

  • View updated feed inventory on a phone, tablet or PC
  • Battery-powered level sensors take measurements automatically
  • Predict consumption, record and track use of medicated feed
  • Place orders directly with the mill and know when to schedule deliveries






Bin Sentry Feed Ordering Platform

BinSentry | Feed Ordering Automation Platform

  • Reliable 3D sensor delivers accurate on-farm inventory level data
  • Centralized, intuitive software platform automates all your feed ordering, monitoring and tracking tasks on an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Platform can be used even if feed bins aren’t equipped with our sensor
  • Integrates with many of the leading software that mills already use for efficient resource and production planning



Bio Ag Bio Charge

Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors | BioCharge Liquid

  • Liquid vitamin and trace mineral supplement for ruminants
  • Water soluble ingredients
  • Safe for newborn calves
  • Palatable











Cbs Pro Sparity

CBS Bio-Platforms | ProSparity multi-component protease

  • Strains chosen based on their specificity and binding affinity to plant and animal origin protein substrates
  • Significant levels of acid, neutral and alkaline protease activity helps maintain high protease activity in GI tract
  • Contains broad spectrum of endo- and exo-peptidase activities allowing for superior amino acid liberation and large protein hydrolysis
  • Can be used in conjunction with other enzymes, e.g. phytase and NSPase



Cumberland Bulk Feed Tank

Cumberland | Bulk Feed Tanks

  • High tensile steel sidewall sheets are made with a G-90 galvanized coating for strength and durability. The 2 2/3″ wide by 1/2″ deep panel curvature is tooled and shaped in-house for easy assembly.
  • Hopper slopes are available in 60 degrees and 67 degrees in either a 16″ or 22″ hopper opening. Rounded corners and down-turned sealing edges add safety and promote a weather-tight fit.
  • Available in a 30- or 40-degree bin roof to adapt to any application. Roof panels are precision manufactured with die-form tooling to provide consistent quality.
  • A solid base of galvanized formed legs provides support for the tank’s load and Cumberland feed delivery systems and accessories.



Enterra Enterra Protein

Enterra | EnterraProtein  

  • Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) renewable insect ingredient
  • High digestibility of protein and lipids, rich in prebiotics and has essential amino acids and other key nutrients
  • Low level of chitin, the insoluble fiber that makes up the exoskeleton of the BSF grub, has shown prebiotic and antimicrobial characteristics
  • Lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that makes up 40% of the oil, has shown antimicrobial benefits



Ew Nutrition Ventar D 10percent

EW Nutrition | Ventar D

  • Phytogenic solution supporting gut health
  • Contains standardized amounts of selected phyto-molecules, having antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Improves production performance in poultry and swine with optimal gut health which results in higher body weight, improved feed efficiency and better livability
  • Offers batch-to-batch consistency with standardized actives content; stable during high temperature and longer conditioning time pelleting and good flowability with uniform particle size



Framelco Leci Max

FRAmelco B.V. | FRA LeciMax

  • Improve nutrient efficiency
  • Facilitate nutrient digestibility
  • Optimize nutrient absorption with lysolecithins





Hamlet Protein Fiber BoostHamlet Protein A/S | HP FiberBoost

  • Next generation natural fibers combining insoluble fibers with soluble fiber and prebiotic carbohydrates to stimulate early gut development through synergistic pathways between gut and microbiota
  • Reduces protein fermentation
  • Low viscosity




Kerry | Everwell PT100

  • Postbiotic technology derived from a proprietary dry, cultured whey
  • Supports gut health by modulating intracellular cyclic AMP signaling pathways controlling gut water/electrolyte exchange across the gut lumen
  • Part of an antibiotic-free nutrition strategy to help challenged birds maintain healthy gut function
  • Product efficacy does not depend on microorganism survivability
  • Works by offering the functional molecules directly to provide a more targeted response



Life Circle Nutrition Herb All Tmcocc Xha

Life Circle Nutrition AG | Herb-All TMCOCC-X

  • Natural replacement of coccidiostats
  • Pure herbal solution without any extracts
  • No chemical substances
  • No withdrawal period














Lipstosa Masterca

Liptosa | MasterCa

  • Supply of calcium with excellent bioavailability and assimilation of the mineral
  • Provides high-quality nutritional fiber that helps to improve feces consistency and reduce constipation
  • Plants with recognized galactagogue properties that stimulate colostrum and milk production
  • Botanicals with beneficial effect on liver functioning, reducing the risk of subclinical ketosis





Limagrain Ingredients Presco Tasty Corn

Limagrain Ingredients | PRESCO Tasty Corn

  • Solid for first feeding of calf
  • Optimal for muesli and mash
  • Naturally rich in available energy (gelatinized starch) and fermentable fibers that stimulates the intestinal fermentation, facilitating the development of the rumen
  • Palatability promotes animal growth at a lower cost
  • Stable grain structure which does not crush during mixing step, with a low abrasion compared with corn flakes



Manuka Biotech Btr 90

Manuka Biotech | BTR 90

  • 90% partially coated sodium butyrate takes care of the entire gastrointestinal tract
  • Butyric solution with one additive can use throughout the bird’s lifecycle
  • Lower inclusion rate, i.e. 300 gram/ton for poultry diet and 500 gram/ton for aquafeed
  • Crystalline matrix with interwoven structure enables improved coating ability when forming slow-release products





M Tech Feed Mill Control Systems

MTech Systems | Feed Mill Management Solution

  • Tie all mill data from accounting to sales, to production, and inventory data to feed production costs for faster optimization
  • Physical inventory input to calculate shrink units and their financial impact weekly
  • Pre-emptive feed ordering based on calculated consumption rates for different animal types and seasons
  • Provides full visibility and traceability to show you what steps should be prioritized to improve your sustainability program



Native Microbials Galaxis Frontier

Native Microbials | Galaxis Frontier

  • First and only product comprised of four microbes that exist naturally in the bovine rumen
  • Optimizes digestion for more energy from any ration
  • Patented preservation and encapsulation technology stabilizes and preserves live microbes
  • No refrigeration required



Nuqo Nex


  • Alternative and sustainable solution to support gut health, improve feed efficacy and boost performance of broilers
  • First micro-encapsulation of phytogenics and phycogenics (plant and seaweed extracts), with high concentration and stability, and an optimal controlled release thanks to cutting-edge technology
  • Consistent efficacy to improve performance of broilers, in university trials or field experiments
  • Sustainable growth promoter to increase feed efficacy and reduce feed cost for poultry



Novus Grainzyme Phos

Novus International Inc. | GRAINZYME PHOS

  • First commercially available feed enzyme for swine and poultry produced through INTERIUS Technology, where protein (in this case, a phytase) is expressed inside a kernel of corn
  • GRAINZYME PHOS corn simply replaces an amount of traditional corn in the diet and can be pelleted or used in mash diets according to the product’s directions of use or per the recommendation of a qualified nutritionist
  • Reduces the need for supplemental inorganic phosphorus and can improve the nutritional value of feedstuffs
  • Minimum phytase activity of 5,000 FTU/g



Nutrition Technologies Hi Protein

Nutrition Technologies | Hi.Protein

  • Black soldier fly (BSF) protein flour, rich in key amino acids and highly digestible
  • Natural multiple antimicrobial properties, such as peptides and lauric acid
  • Sustainable substitute for fishmeal or soybean meal in livestock, pets and aquafeed
  • Enhances growth performance, survival rate, feed intake and improves FCR








Palital Feed Additives Ave Mix Mc12

Palital Feed Additives B.V. | AveMix MC12

  • Synergistic combination of encapsulated free lauric acid and of monoglyceride of lauric acid
  • Slow-release effect for a liberation in the small intestine, where the impact of pathogenic bacteria is the greatest
  • Selective and specific inhibition of Gram-positive pathogenic bacteria, like Streptococcus spp. or Staphylococcus spp.
  • Proven effects in delivering a better uniformity and health of animals while ensuring optimal performance



Patent Co Mycoraid

Patent CO | MycoRaid multi-layered mycotoxin control

  • Specially selected minerals for enhanced adsorption of polar and nonpolar mycotoxins, endotoxins and algal toxins
  • Bacillus sp. for biotransformation and bioremediation of mycotoxins
  • Yeast cell wall components support immune function
  • Herbal extract for hepatoprotective effects



Phosphea Map

Phosphea (Timab Industries) | MAP for Ruminant

  • A feed-grade raw material that improves ruminal fermentations, by providing simultaneously 26% phosphorus and 11% nitrogen
  • Brings high water-soluble phosphorus making it available for ruminal bacteria
  • Brings non-protein nitrogen to partially replace soy intake, saving formulation cost
  • Two proposed particles sizes: 2-1.25 mm and <0.5 mm



Phytosynthese Phyto A Pi Gut


  • Natural solution to support the digestive system at piglet weaning, but also during sensitive phases of fattening
  • Contains a blend of essential oils, selected for their bacteriostatic activity, as well as a combination of PhytoLanka turmeric and flavonoids, which helps preserve the integrity of the intestinal epithelium
  • Targets pathogens but spares the beneficial microbiota and contributes to maintain digestive balance



Proteon Bafacol

Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. | Bafacol phage

  • Helps reduce mortality
  • Helps reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics on the farm
  • Supports birds’ health, production performance and feed conversion ratio
  • Helps to reduce the use of antibiotics on the farm and does not create antibiotic resistance


Qti Qbiotics 3 Dp








Quality Technology International Inc. | Q-Biotic 3DP

  • Multi-strain probiotic for poultry and swine feed applications
  • Combination of three select, highly active and stable Bacillus strains
  • Available in concentrated form (Q-Biotic 3CP)
  • Designed for high performance under low- and high-challenge animal production conditions



Qti Bac Pack Q3plus1

Quality Technology International Inc. | BacPack Q3+1

  • Highly active synbiotic for poultry and swine feed applications
  • Combination of a select three-strain Bacillus probiotic (Q-Biotic 3DP) and a highly functional prebiotic (IMW50)
  • Synergistic probiotic-prebiotic combination
  • Designed for improving food safety and high performance under low- and high-challenge animal production conditions



Roxell I Qon

Roxell | iQon 

  • Full house computer for poultry houses
  • Extensive functions and options for each of the four processes: feed, water, heating and ventilation
  • State of the art and user friendly
  • Controls the house climate and have limited basic functions for feeding






Thew Arnott Leci T As

Thew Arnott LLC | LeciTAs series lecithin blends

  • Improve the digestibility of fat and fat-soluble vitamins as well as providing essential fatty acids
  • Phospholipids supply phospholipid-bound choline and inositol
  • Surface active properties allow for emulsification of the lipophilic feed components
  • Enhance instantizing and wetting properties of feed powder



Wem Advanced Control System Security

WEM Automation LLC | Advanced Control System Security

  • Control and track individual users by functional area, task and approval level
  • Logged documentation to support internal and external audits
  • Track approvals and overrides
  • Audit reports show time, PC origination, user and function when a successful login is completed


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