New report on Chinese feed enzyme industry available

A new report, “Research and Forecast of the Chinese Feed Enzyme Industry, 2014-2018,” is available from Research and Markets.

A new report, “Research and Forecast of the Chinese Feed Enzyme Industry, 2014-2018,” is available from Research and Markets.

Feed enzymes were introduced to China’s feed industry in 1980s. After entering into the 21st Century, as China’s fermentation technology of enzymes improved, the production cost has dropped and, as a result, China’s enzyme enterprises have developed rapidly and self-dependent brands have been established. Those brands not only take up most share of the domestic market, but are well acknowledged in international market, so the export volume has improved year by year.

The output of China’s feed enzymes was 142,000 tons in 2013, up 20.9% over 2012, with total output value reaching CNY2.5 billion (US$4 million). As for the segment market, the output of compound enzyme was 74,900 tons, and that of phytase was 66,900 tons in 2013, up 21.8% and 20.1% over 2012 respectively.

Though the industrial penetration rate is still less than 43%, the future development space is adequate. As the domestic feed sales volume grows and the penetration rate improves, the demand of feed enzyme will surely increase.

Reasons for growth

According to the report, the reasons accounted for the broader development space in China’s feed enzyme industry are as follows:

  • The stable development of the feed industry has driven the expansion of feed enzyme industry
  • Under the background of the constantly improvement of feed industrial scalization, the scientific breeding performed by the large-scale feed enterprises will improve the utilization of feed enzymes
  • The improved product utility brought about by continuously innovation and technological improvement of feed enzyme products and the dropping cost of products brought about by the scalization will all promote wider application of feed enzyme
  • Under the background of the constantly emphasis on food safety and advocacy of environmental protection, feed enzyme industry will continuously acquire national policy support and promote feed industry to advance forward

The total output of China’s feed enzyme industry is estimated to reach 167,200 tons with output value of CNY2.9 billion in the end of 2014. By 2018, the total output will reach 272,000 tons with output value of CNY4.7 billion, and the annual growth rate will be 12.9% and 134% respectively.

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