Denmark pet food company achieves 50 percent market share in Russia

Aller Petfood to purchase IØ-Fund shares in company to become sole owner

Danish company Aller Petfood has gained over 50 percent market share in Russia, and has plans to purchase IØ-Fund’s shares in the company to become the sole owner.

Currently, IØ-Fund is responsible for 30 percent of the investments in Aller Petfood’s Russia branch. The company consists of a dry food factory as well as a wet food factory, and was started as a greenfield project. “Building a factory as a greenfield project in Russia is certainly not straightforward,” said CEO Henriette Bylling. “It took longer than expected to achieve a complete and fully functioning factory. However, once completed, the start-up difficulties were easily forgotten.”

Aller Petfood achieved ISO 22000 certification for its wet food factory in May, one of 15 companies in Russia to hold the distinction, and the first pet food company in Europe to do so with its Denmark factory.

Aller Petfood Russia sells its products to companies in the Russian private label market, as well as several other distributors in the retail and specialty trades.