Cargill India to enter animal feed business

Industry currently categorized into poultry, cattle, aqua feed

Cargill India is planning to enter the animal feed industry, an area where the feed requirements for poultry and cattle are expected to increase, according to analysts.

“We have a presence in the northern region as far as cattle and poultry feed are concerned,” said Cargill India Chairman Siraj Chaudhry. ”For aqua feed, we are dominant in the south. Seeing the growth in demand, we are looking at expansion in these regions.”

Currently, the Indian animal feed industry is broadly categorized into poultry, cattle and aqua feed. It supplies 10% of cattle and aqua feed and 50% of poultry feed in India, according to a Rabobank report. The bulk of the remaining feed is being produced by the unorganized sector, comprised of home and custom mixers. The total production of compound feed for all livestock stands at 17 million metric tons.