Quality Technology International Q-Biotic Series feed additives

Quality Technology International Q-Biotic Series feed additives

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Quality Technology International (QTI) has launched a new series of natural direct-fed microbial products designed for helping producers of conventional, antibiotic-free and organic poultry and livestock improve production performance and food safety.

The new Q-Biotic Series contains selected proprietary Bacillus strains which are more efficient, effective, and available at a greater value than QTI’s pre-existing products in this category. This product line contains single-strain and multi-strain versions. These new lines have been selected for the challenging producer requirements addressing animal health and sustainability, while providing the users with increased return on investment.

Also new is the QTI BacPack Q Series, combining Q-Biotic probiotic products with the proven performance of its existing prebiotic, IMW50.