Future of Alltech is international, related to yeast

Future of Alltech is international, related to yeast

Alltech holding to its core business, says President and Founder Pearse Lyons

At the opening press conference of the 29 th  Alltech Symposium on May 20, someone questioned whether Alltech was holding to its core, a concept the company is promoting to its customers.

Dr. T. Pearse Lyons, the company’s president and founder, said it is. “We started with yeast, and there is virtually nothing we are doing that doesn’t go back to yeast,” he said. Referring to the company’s recent expansion into algae production, he said, “algae isn’t yeast, but one of the key components of growing algae is yeast.”

Looking forward to 2020, Lyons said that China will be the company’s number-one market, the U.S. second and Brazil third. He said today the order is similar, with the U.S., Brazil and China as the top three markets.

Dr. Mark Lyons, Alltech’s vice president of corporate affairs, said the company’s role is evolving. “We used to be technology and nutrition, but it is now moving toward how we can help align the food industry to the food chain,” he said. “Technology is part of it, but it’s aligning people to make food more sustainable and more productive.”