Anpario takes customers to oregano fields

Anpario, the international producer and distributor of natural feed additives, invited customers from across the world to central Europe, to gain an insight into the production of its 100 percent natural oregano essential oil.

Oregano essential oils are recognized for their antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties

“Our 100 percent natural oregano essential oil, Orego-Stim,  helps to promote gut health and has been shown to support animals through periods of stress, optimize their natural defense mechanisms and help them maintain a healthy appetite through the critical stages of growth,” explained Dr. Wendy Wakeman, Anpario’s global technical director.

“We ran a series of technical seminars at which experts explained Orego-Stim’s complex mode of action and shared recent news updates and trial data,” said Dr. Wakeman. “The trials highlighted the benefits of oregano essential oil in improving health and productivity, for ruminants, swine and poultry species.”

All the oregano used by Anpario is grown using organic, pesticide-free principles, to produce a consistently high-quality essential oil. Testing for bioactive compounds present in the oil at each stage of the process is vital to ensure the quality and consistency associated with Orego-Stim.

Customers from Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, the Philippines and the U.K. were all able to visit the fields where the unique strain of oregano is grown and observe the distillation process by which the natural oils are produced.  Customers enjoyed learning about the rigorous quality control protocols employed both pre- and post-harvest to ensure uniform composition of each batch.