Nukamel, ASN to develop, sell piglet feeds in Latin America

Nukamel, ASN to develop, sell piglet feeds in Latin America

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Agreement includes milk replacers, dairy ingredients and creep feeds for piglet production

Nukamel and Alternative Swine Nutrition (ASN) have signed an agreement for the development and sale of feeding concepts for high-productive piglet feeding systems in Latin America.

ASN, a leader in piglet nutrition in the Spanish market, is a specialist in piglet nutrition and management with extensive experience of production systems across the globe. 

“Understanding and applying the benefits of the bioactive components in dairy products has always been a cornerstone of our formulation philosophy and success,” said Simon Tibble, research and innovation director of ASN.

Nukamel has more than 60 years of experience in the development and production of milk replacers for young suckling animals.

“Nukamel is a nutritional company, heading developments for improving animal performance based on knowledge of the dairy industry,” said Jan Druyts, CEO of Nukamel.

Nukamel, along with ASN , has developed a unique knowledge in dairy ingredients whereby next to the nutritional value of raw materials, they are able to evaluate milk components for their health effects, indeed dairy products are rich in health-promoting elements.

In particular, young piglets are very sensitive to stress and infections of many kind, meaning that supporting the health will lead to a reduced number of veterinary treatments and an improved growth of the piglets.

The Nukamel sales organization in Latin America, Nutrimel and Sunrise, will launch these products in the market, supported by ASN and Nukamel.


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