Animine European distributors meeting in Paris

Animine invited its European Distributors to Paris in February. This workshop was an opportunity to exchange information about the latest regulatory changes in the European Union on piglet feeds.

Not only has the European Medicine Agency decided to ban the pharmacological level of zinc oxide, there is also uncertainty on future maximum authorized copper levels, following EFSA recommendations. HiZox, a potentiated form of zinc oxide, and CoRouge, the monovalent source of copper oxide, are thus in the spotlight. These two sources of trace minerals, with proven high bioavailability, can be used in premixes at supra-nutritional levels to modulate intestinal bacterial populations and to improve gut barrier function.

Animine introduced to its partners the TEAM: Team of Experts in Animal Management. The objective of the TEAM is to reinforce the technical support to European customers, by giving them a multifactorial approach of issues encountered in pig farms. These highly qualified consultants will provide services to Animine customers not only on feed formulation, but also on biosecurity and pathology.

The company was also proud to announce that the Eurostars funding program for innovative SMEs had just selected SUMINAPP project (Sustainable Usage of trace MINerals in Animal Production Programs). An ambitious research program will be initiated on pigs, poultry, ruminants and aquaculture, under the supervision of Animine as leader of the consortium.