IDEAL Animal Nutrition expanding team

Industry experts have been brought on board to aid pig farming operations.

IDEAL Animal Nutrition is expanding its team across the Midwest, focusing on aiding pig farmers with research-backed solutions. Dr. Kelsey Hammers, a swine nutritionist and research coordinator, joins the team alongside Dr. Jeff Knott and Simon Kern. Hammers' expertise will contribute to the company's efforts at the IDEAL Research Barn, emphasizing solutions at the slat-level and generating data-driven strategies for improved results and returns.

Hammers brings a wealth of experience from a mixed-farm background, involvement in swine projects and academic achievements, including a PhD in swine nutrition from the University of Minnesota. Her research involves examining alternatives to high zinc feeding for nursery pigs and gestating sows.

"I'm excited to apply my academic insights to assist pig producers directly," says Hammers, highlighting her transition from academia to the industry and her commitment to supporting farming operations.

Simon Kern emphasizes the significance of diverse experiences within their team, mentioning Hammers' addition as a valuable asset. The company's dedication lies in both serving customers and enhancing research capabilities to offer actionable insights for optimizing farm operations.

IDEAL Animal Nutrition's core values revolve around integrity, service, science and innovation, aiming to elevate the performance and efficiency of customer operations. More information is available at

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