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Alltech holds conference in Vietnam

Topics discussed included consumer trends and ag tech

Twenty-four chief executive officers (CEOs) from across the Vietnamese agri-food sector convened this week at the Alltech Vietnam Agri-food Summit in Ho Chi Minh City to discuss how to sustainably meet the challenges currently facing the industry.

Alltech invited the change makers and thought leaders in attendance to share their insights on various critical topics, including consumer trends, agricultural technologies and the biggest opportunities for the Vietnamese market. The group also explored how the industry can continue to innovate and work together to nourish both people and the planet.

Alltech is a connector of people and ideas,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech. “Through collective leadership and teamwork, we believe we can drive the industry forward with the shared purpose of Working Together for a Planet of Plenty. But to achieve this vision, we will need curiosity, openness to new technologies and ways of working, and, above all, a commitment to positive impact.”

The Alltech Vietnam Agri-food Summit showcased a panel discussion moderated by Jonathan Forrest Wilson, president of Alltech Asia-Pacific. The panelists included Dr. Mark Lyons, Vy Thi Thu Hang, feed & nutrition director and CEO of Feedmill, TH Milk; Tara McCarthy, global vice president for ESG at Alltech; and Michael Joseph Sweeney, partner at Bluegrass Partners and director of strategy for Alltech Asia-Pacific.

The panel discussion delved into identifying and understanding the prominent shifts and hurdles affecting the agri-food industry in Vietnam at present and key drivers behind these changes. Several attendees shared their viewpoints regarding the outlook for the agriculture and agri-food sector, expressing whether they hold an optimistic or pessimistic stance on its future trajectory globally and locally.

Over recent decades, Vietnam has developed into one of the world's leading agricultural powers, with a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural processing industry—and based on the most recent feed-production data, the country is demonstrating its potential.

According to the 2023 Alltech Agri-Food Outlook, the company’s annual global feed production survey, Vietnam experienced a significant increase in its feed tonnage in 2022—which went up 27.72% to 26.72 million metric tons (MMT)—thanks to its strong recovery from African swine fever (ASF). This included a major increase of 3.78 MMT in its broiler feed tonnage and an increase of 3.36 MMT in its pig feed tonnage. As a result of these increases, Vietnam joined the list of the top 10 largest feed-producing countries in the world.

“Vietnam agri-food has a bright future and unlimited possibilities. As a major exporter of agri-food, Vietnam is an attractive market for both local and foreign investment,” said Forrest Wilson. “We will continue to provide local solutions with global resources and technologies for our partners and customers to develop a prosperous future together.”

Alltech began operating in Vietnam in 1994 and officially opened a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City in 2000. In the decades since, Alltech has fostered strong partnerships within the industry and the local community. Alltech Vietnam moved to Dong Nai in 2006, where its operations expanded with the construction of a production plant in Amata IP later that year.

In November of 2022, Alltech continued its investments in Vietnam with the opening of a trace-mineral manufacturing facility in Dong Nai to better serve its local customers and support imports and exports. Next month, representatives of the American Feed Industry Association and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture will be traveling with Alltech representatives through the country to meet with the Vietnam Feed Association and Vietnam Animal Husbandry Association to work together on biosecurity and immune health as antibiotic use is restricted.





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