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Alltech and Emirates Food Industries partner

Making commitment to sustainability in the Middle East

As a global leader in animal nutrition and sustainable ag solutions, Alltech is proud to partner with companies that share its commitment to Working Together for a Planet of Plenty. Alltech announces it is partnering with National Dairy Farms and Masakin Dairy Farms, two prominent companies owned by Emirates Food Industries (EFI), to bring leading-edge carbon footprint benchmarking and methane-reducing technologies to the Middle East.

National and Masakin are known for their flagship milk brand, Hayatna, which has garnered widespread acclaim for its quality and freshness. Now, the two dairy giants are expanding their commitment to sustainability by embarking on a transformative journey to measure and mitigate their carbon footprints. With growing concerns about climate change, companies worldwide are under increasing pressure to adopt eco-conscious practices. As industry leaders, National and Masakin recognize the importance of curbing greenhouse gas emissions and setting new sustainability benchmarks.

Through this Planet of Plenty partnership, National and Masakin will have access to a range of carbon footprint benchmarking technologies available through Alltech E-CO, which will provide precise measurements of their environmental impact, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and set ambitious targets for reducing their carbon footprints. The dairies will also utilize nutritional technologies from Alltech that help lower methane emissions and enhance farm profitability by increasing feed efficiency and milk production.

“The solidification of many years of collaboration with Emirates Food Industries in a Planet of Plenty Partnership represents the goals of the wider global Alltech family,” said Paul McVeigh, regional manager of Alltech Middle East. “This partnership illustrates what is possible in the Middle East region when companies join forces toward a single goal, and we are dedicated to supporting them with the best available nutritional technologies to achieve more milk while reducing their environmental footprint.”

National and Masakin's commitment to sustainability reflects EFI's broader vision of embracing greener practices throughout the value chain. By fostering innovation and implementing eco-friendly initiatives, the companies aim to pave the way for a more sustainable dairy industry in the Middle East.

Becoming an official Planet of Plenty partner underscores National and Masakin’s dedication to environmental stewardship and sets a precedent for other dairy enterprises. This landmark initiative reaffirms their position as leaders in the dairy sector and elevates the Hayatna brand to new heights as a symbol of premium quality, sustainable practices and conscious consumer choice.

Moreover, this initiative takes place prior to COP28, the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. COP28, which is set to take place in Dubai at the end of the year, will bring together leaders, policymakers and experts from around the world to discuss and formulate strategies to combat climate change.

The groundbreaking efforts of National and Masakin, in partnership with Alltech, will undoubtedly serve as a shining example of corporate responsibility and climate action during the COP28 discussions. By taking proactive steps to reduce their carbon footprint and adopting sustainable practices, the dairy industry in the UAE will play a significant role in advancing the country's commitment to achieving the targets outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Alltech believes that agriculture has the greatest potential to positively shape the future of our planet. That’s why it is uniting the agri-food community in Working Together for a Planet of Plenty—a world where a collaborative and innovative agri-food community can provide proper nutrition for all, revitalize local economies and replenish the planet’s natural resources.

Driven by this purpose, Alltech partners with like-minded companies, such as EFI, to solve high-impact issues; develops nutritional and digital technologies, improved farm management practices and innovations in animal well-being and human health; invests in the development of the next generation of agri-food leadership; and shares the sustainable power of science in agri-food through stories and videos on its Planet of Plenty website and through its social media channels.

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