COVID-19 meat processing plant closures for week of May 3

Find out more about the meat processing and packing facilities that have closed due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Even after Trump invokes Defense Production Act, some plant closures continue

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U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue sent letters on May 5 to state governors and meat industry stakeholders to “establish expectations for the implementation” of President Donald Trump’s executive order directing meat processing facilities to stay open during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Trump invoked the Defense Production Act in the executive order he signed on April 28 to keep the U.S. food supply chain operational during the pandemic, even as COVID-19 outbreaks hit meat processing facilities across the nation.

In his letter to industry stakeholders, Perdue said plants that have closed should resume operation as soon as they are able after implementing the guidance.

Perdue also said in his letters that “further action under the executive order and the Defense Production Act is under consideration and will be taken if necessary,” without elaborating on what the further action would be.

Read Perdue’s letter to governors and letter to stakeholders.

COVID-19 meat processing plant closures

Here is a listing of the COVID-19-related meat processing plant closures reported from May 3-9, 2020.

2 British Columbia poultry plants idled

Operations at two poultry plants in British Columbia, Canada, have temporarily ceased due to concerns over a high number of employee cases of COVID-19.

Miller Poultry pauses operations at Indiana plant

Miller Poultry paused operations at its plant in Steuben County, Indiana, as the company awaited the results of COVID-19 tests that were conducted on employees at the facility.

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