Pancosma announces new Board of Directors

Pancosma & Associates, a global leader in specialty animal nutrition products, has announced the formation of a new Board of Directors to oversee the strategic growth of the company.

Pancosma & Associates, the Switzerland-based global leader in specialty animal nutrition products, has announced the formation of a new Board of Directors to oversee the strategic growth of the company. The board consists of Dr. Goetz Gotterbarm, CEO; Marc Lecoin, CFO; Pierre Defalque, global sales director; Dr. David Bravo, research director; Dr. Emma Wall, technology deployment director; Ewenn Helary, marketing director; and Sonia Soares, corporate functions director. All board members have extensive experience within the feed additives industry.

Daniel Kofel, the outgoing CEO, will continue to serve as chairman of the board of directors until the end of November, and over the next months will work closely with Dr. Gotterbarm, to ensure a smooth transition in leadership. Kofel will subsequently join the Mergers & Acquisitions team as a feed additives expert. Eric Prod’hom, outgoing CFO, will continue to be involved as a financial advisor, and will oversee the transition of the new finance team.

Dr. Gotterbarm will assume full responsibility on Dec. 1. He received his Ph.D. in nutrition physiology from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. 

Defalque heads a team of 40 sales representatives and over 40 distributors in 70 countries to consolidate Pancosma’s global reach. Defalque holds an Executive MBA in Management from the Group IFG, and has a degree in Engineering and Agronomy from LaSalle Beauvais in France.

Ewenn Helary leads a team of experienced product managers to launch new solutions for the market and to implement marketing and sales strategies to sustain the company’s strong global growth. He graduated from AgroParisTech with an Engineering degree in Life Sciences, and an additional specialization in Economics.    

Dr. Wall leads a team of technical experts to optimize the implementation of various integrated feed additive technologies, and provides daily scientific and technical support to customers. Dr. Wall received her Ph.D. in lactation physiology from the University of Vermont.

Dr. Bravo heads Pancosma's feed additives research program. After joining Pancosma in 2006, he led the pioneering research programs elucidating the role of the gut as an intelligent sensory organ and its translation into animal feed technologies. Dr. Bravo has two Masters of Science degrees, and received his Ph.D. in dairy cow nutrition from AgroParisTech.

Marc Lecoin oversees all of the financial operations of the company’s additives business. He has 15 years of experience in finance, having worked for various international companies, including General Electric and United Technologies. He holds a Master’s degree in Finance & Strategy from the EM Lyon Business School in France.   

Soares supervises the departments of Corporate Functions, Human Resources, Information Technology, New Business Developments, Security, Quality & Regulatory and Internal Support Services. She attended the Université Pierre Mendès in France and earned a Master’s degree in Business Management, Economics and Marketing.      

“I am delighted to welcome the new members to the Board of Directors," said Kofel, "These professionals are highly dedicated, motivated and talented, and I believe these qualities will be extremely valuable as Pancosma & Associates continues to be a trendsetter in the feed additives industry."

“The new and longstanding board members bring a mix of experience and energy, adding valuable perspective to the group,” Kofel continued. “I’m also pleased about the multicultural composition of the board, and the greater representation of women, which is just another example of our company’s strengths.”

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