International Rendering Symposium to be held during IPPE

The meeting will showcase sustainability of the U.S. and Canadian rendering industry

The 2017 International Rendering Symposium will showcase the sustainability of the U.S. and Canadian rendering industry. It will be held on Feb. 2 – Feb. 3 during the 2017 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). Notable speakers will discuss how rendering leftover products from the meat and poultry industries contribute to the life cycle analysis of animal agriculture and environmentally-friendly biofuel.

The two-day program, sponsored by the National Renderers Association and the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY), costs $200 to attend. Symposium participants are invited to a networking reception on Feb. 2.

The program will open with a virtual tour of a rendering plant, followed by presentations on various aspects of rendering’s sustainability and green footprint. The program topics include Livestock and Climate Change; Rendering: Making Animal Agriculture Sustainable; From Cow to Shoe: The Symbiotic Relationship between Rendering and Leather Tanning; Used Cooking Oil: Why Does it Matter?; Innovations in Rendering; Rendered Ingredients from a Nutritional Standpoint; Quality Assurance in the Rendering Industry/FSMA Update; and Global Trade and the Sustainability of Sustainability.

The U.S. and Canadian rendering industry collects and safely processes more than 56 billion pounds of animal byproducts each year, converting these materials into fat and protein ingredients primarily used in animal feed, pet food and fuels. The rendering industry provides services for the safe collection of these materials and uses heat to dehydrate and separate the fat and solid materials before recycling them into new high-value ingredients.

For more information about the International Rendering Symposium, click here for the program of the first day and here for the second day.

IPPE, the world's largest annual poultry, feed and meat industry trade show, will be held Jan. 31-Feb. 2. For more information about IPPE, go to

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