Delaware Soybean Board requests research proposals

The accepted proposals will be for research covering the 2016 growing season

The Delaware Soybean Board is seeking proposals through Dec. 15 to conduct soybean research during the 2016 growing season.

The board is particularly interested in proposals which address solutions to insects and pests; disease detection and prevention; the use of early maturing varieties to improve yield; and weed control.

The board also is interested in proposals related to soybean marketing opportunities, including quantification of biodiesel use in the state; export opportunities for soybeans; soybean quality; specialty variety opportunities and crop insurance value assessments.

A full list of research priorities, guidelines and an application form are provided on the board’s website:

The Delaware Soybean Board is funded by the national soybean checkoff program, which assesses one-half of one percent of the net market value of soybeans at the first point of sale. The funds are collected for soybean research, marketing and education projects.

Delaware farmers plant about 180,000 acres of soybeans each year, and the crop generates approximately $60 million in value to the state. Delaware’s agricultural industry contributes about $8 billion per year to the Delaware economy.

The Delaware Soybean Board consists of nine farmer-directors and the Secretary of Agriculture, and administers the federal soybean checkoff programs in the state.