Cargill showcases facial recognition and other innovations at Eurotier 2018

Facial recognition technology is coming to the farm – and to the world’s leading trade fair. At EuroTier 2018, Cargill will demonstrate how Cainthus, the company in whom Cargill made an equity investment earlier this year, uses predictive imaging to help dairy farmers customize care for their animals.

“These new technologies can greatly enhance our customers’ ability to make proactive decisions to improve their farm’s efficiency,” said Benoit Anquetil, Strategic Marketing & Technology leader for Cargill’s European premix & nutrition business. “We are delighted to be at EuroTier with our team of experts and to help customers increase farm profitability and enhance animal health and wellbeing.”

Cargill knows that customer needs and consumer preferences converge in well-cared-for livestock. At the November 13-16 event in Hanover, Germany, Cargill will showcase a number of innovations that empower farmer productivity and animal health.

For ruminants, along with Cainthus Facial Recognition, there is Dairy Enteligen. See how this platform puts the data and insights to make informed farm management decisions in the palm of farmers’ hands. Cargill’s leading animal nutrition experts will also offer workshops to show visitors how they can apply scientific insights from America’s largest private company on their own farm.

Performance, health, welfare and sustainability are critical areas in European pig production today and tomorrow. That’s why Cargill will unveil two new nutritional solutions at EuroTier. LivaPig is a piglet livability solution for sows, based on new technologies to boost performance during moderate to heavy exercise, such as the farrowing process. And ConverMax, based on a unique blend of botanical extracts and high quality mineral sources, helping to improve feed conversion and secure welfare.

Stop by the Cargill stand to see these and other innovations aimed at enhancing holistic animal health – from feeds like the gut-health-boosting Intella range for poultry, to new digital nutrition software, like CoreDiet, an on-farm diet design program to help farmers provide the right feed to yield the best outcomes for their flocks, herds and droves.

And for a spot of fun, Cargill will give visitors a chance to win a pallet of Provimi feed during its “Beer & Bites” happy hour – Tuesday, Nov. 13, Wednesday, Nov. 14 and Thursday. Nov. 15 starting at 3:30 p.m.